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With a salubrious climate, Murud Janjira experiences pleasing climate all through the year. Cool breeze blowing all through the day definitely makes the weather of this small town quite pleasing, which is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.


November to February - winters of this place are quite cool and the average temperature is around 15°C. It is just the perfect time to be at this place and become a part of various celebrations. In December one can be a part of great New Year events celebrated at this place. In February one can witness an annual celebration which is held in the honor of Lord Ganpati.


March to June- This season is characterized by hot and dry climate. The maximum temperature is 36°C and minimum is around 26°C in these months. Cool breeze surely makes the evenings quite comfortable.  


July to September- During monsoon season this place receives moderate rainfall. However, it does not lead to any kind of inconvenience in your sightseeing plans.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
A beautiful city that attracts the attention of historians, vacationers and archeologists alike, Murud Janjira is best visited during the month of January. Cool breeze blows throughout the days, making it easier for travelers to explore the city. Tourists can plan day outs and travel to nearby attractions as the sun remains surrounded by clouds for maximum period of the month.
February Moderately hot
Moderately hot
As the summer season approaches the region, climate begins to warm up. Being a winter month, February still offers tourists a chance to indulge in outdoor activities, along with visiting all the important attractions of the city. Vacationers can enjoy themselves amidst natural beauty of the region. However it is important to carry light winter clothes, as the temperature can sometimes experience a dip.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
The month of March marks the advent of summer season; however the weather still remains within comfortable range. Outdoor activities as well as sightseeing can still be enjoyed in this month as the sun is not very harsh. Children can also enjoy themselves as the region is adorned by various parks. Carrying a water bottle is advisable as the afternoon sun can leave the tourists dehydrated.
April Hot
The summer sun shines with all its might, making it difficult for vacationers to enjoy their trip during afternoons. However, warm days are followed by cool evenings offering travelers some relief from the scorching heat. A trip to Murud Janjira can be planned during this month as due to hot weather, tourists can avail special discounts on tour packages and accommodation.
May Hot
This is the hottest month of the region with the temperature soaring up to 34-35°C. This is not a suitable month for tourism as summer season here is hot and dry, which can hinder outdoor activities. However, if travelling to Murud Janjira during this time it is important to come equipped with sun protective gears, in order to deal with the afternoon sun.
June Hot
June is equally hot, if not more, as the previous month and tourists are advised not to take part in outdoor activities during day time. Evenings are ideal to plan outdoor trips and to know more about the past of the region, as historical forts and other attractions speak volumes about the city’s history. This amazing city, Murud Janjira can leave the visitors fascinated with its legacy.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Moderate rainfall marks the beginning of monsoon in the month of July. Monsoon showers increase the beauty of the region manifold and this is the best time for rain lovers to visit Murud Janjira. Occasional showers also help to decrease the temperature of the city, making it comfortable for tourists to enjoy themselves. So if you love monsoons, then get ready to be drenched in the rains.
August Rainy
Regular rainfall, along with the cool breeze, makes the climate pleasantly comfortable. However, rain can also hinder outdoor activities forcing the tourists to stay indoors. Nature lovers and rain enthusiasts can plan a trip to Murud Janjira during this time to enjoy themselves amidst the beautiful landscapes and scenic surroundings. Tourists can also click some exquisite photographs of the majestic city.
September Rainy
Rains still lash the city; however their frequency is less. Most of the days experience rainfall, while some can go without any rain or thunderstorms. On an average, the city receives medium rainfall which helps the climate to remain within comfortable range. So if you are planning to visit the city around this time, carry your umbrella and rain protective gears to deal with sudden monsoon showers.
October Pleasant
Skies remain cloudy; however rainfall is not experienced in the city. As the climate remains pleasant, this month offers an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy themselves to the maximum. October is also the month of different festivals which are celebrated with huge pomp and show. A trip to this fascinating city during this month can leave the visitors with some impressive memories to be cherished for a lifetime.
November Pleasant
With the beginning of November, winters set in the region. Tourists can indulge in different activities that the region has on offer. A boat ride to the famous Janjira fort is one of the best ways to explore the city. So if you have been looking to escape the everyday life, plan a trip to Murud Janjira as it is a gateway to peace.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
December is a perfect month for the tourists to enjoy themselves on the beautiful sun kissed beach which looks amazingly wonderful during the afternoon. A not to be missed part of the trip is to click magnificent photographs. Sun shining brightly through the clear sky offers attractive views, which can leave the visitors spellbound. So plan a trip during this month and enjoy spectacular holiday in this picturesque city.

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