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The financial capital of the country is also a famous tourist destination thanks to the enormous number of tourist attractions present here. Tourists can enjoy these attractions across the year.

Tourists who want to get all their sightseeing activities done should visit Mumbai in the winter season, which starts with the month of October and ends with the month of February. The cool day time temperatures along with the pleasant breezes in the evenings should give tourists plenty of incentive to get out and explore the big city and all lose themselves in all its sights, sounds and smells. The summers extend from March to May and along with the humidity of this coastal city make outdoor activities a major challenge. The following monsoon season is one which Mumbai is infamous for. Extending from the month of June till September, this season is not recommended for tourists with outdoor agendas given the intensity with which the rain hits the city, jamming up transportation and putting an effective stopper on any such plans.


The winter season in Mumbai begins from the month of October and continues till the month of February, with the city’s pleasant weather giving tourists all the time they need to go out.


From March all the way through to May, Mumbai experiences a rise in temperature which combined with the humidity can make going outdoors most uncomfortable for a number of tourists.


The monsoons season of Mumbai is well known for its intensity, starting in June and continuing till September. The intense rain in this season will stop all the plans for going outdoors.


Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month has excellent weather for tourists, with the mild sunshine in the day yielding a pleasant warmth and pleasant sea breezes which makes this time one of the best times in the year to head outdoors and explore the myriad sights and sounds which this city is famously known for.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The days in February are bright and sunny and the nights are very pleasant. Many tourists will love this kind of weather since they can enjoy travelling across the expanse of this city and can indulge in tourist activities like checking out all the major sightseeing locations without any incumbent weather making them uncomfortable.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Across the month of March, the temperatures in Mumbai begin to rise, which could make outdoor tourist activities a pretty big challenge for those who are not used to the intensity of summers in the Indian Subcontinent. Those who head outdoors in the evenings will get much needed respite from this heat thanks to the cool sea breezes which the city is known for.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
The summer season begins to hit this city in this month, with day time temperatures moving beyond the comfortable range. With the abundant humidity thanks to the city's location next to the Arabian Sea, even the slightest increase in temperature can cause a manifold increase in the level of discomfort for outdoor tourists.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This month has some of the hottest temperatures in the city, thanks to clear skies and bright sunlight. Tourists who are planning on going outdoors will have to face the onslaught of high temperatures and humidity which persist throughout the day. The sea breezes bring some relief in the evening but the overall atmosphere remains uncomfortable.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
This month is also rather hot, but the incoming monsoon season causes temperatures to come down across the month. The first rainfall might be a little sporadic at first, with a minimal intensity but over the month its intensity will definitely escalate into the proverbial downpours this city is known for.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The monsoons of Mumbai are usually in full force during this month, making it one of the wettest ones in the entire year. These rains often stop any plans involving any form of transportation, since the roads in this coastal city are prone to getting blocked up thanks to the incessant downpours. Tourist activities, especially outdoor ones, are not recommended but if you really wish to do so, carry proper rain gear.
August Rainy
The monsoons continue hitting the city throughout this month, making it the ideal time for those who love the rainfall. However, those tourists who want to go out and get a bit of sightseeing done should be warned that the possibility of a successful outdoor excursion will be much less than likely.
September Pleasant
This month sees the monsoons begin to reduce in intensity across its duration, with the rainfall coming to a stop usually by the last week of the month. The sun begins to shine through as the clouds slowly move away from the city. The natural beauty of the city should begin blossoming in this month after the rains, making nature trips all the more worthwhile.
October Pleasant
In this month, Mumbai brings tourists bright and sunny days along with clear blue skies. The post – monsoon humidity and the sunshine can make moving about outdoors a challenge, especially inside the city. However, the night time temperatures are rather pleasant thanks to the evening breeze, giving tourists a great incentive to relax and unwind.
November Pleasant
The temperature and the humidity begin dropping to rather pleasant levels in this month, giving tourists all the incentive they need to head out and indulge in the sightseeing and other tourist activities. The days as well as the nights are rather pleasant, making this month one of the very best for tourists to visit the city of Mumbai.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Winter comes to Mumbai in this month, bringing with it a cool breeze and consequently, some of the most pleasant weather in this city. Tourists can enjoy the dry atmosphere with the reducing humidity making this season the perfect time to indulge in tourist activities like sightseeing and nature trips as well.

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