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Partly Cloudy
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The pleasant climate all through the year makes Mudumalai an ideal place to be visited in any month. This renowned wildlife sanctuary sited in Tamil Nadu state of India is visited by a large number of tourists. The months from October to May are just idea


November to February - It is just the perfect time to be at Mudumalai. The pleasing temperature of around 19°C to 30°C makes sure that your stay is comfortable; it is also the time when you can see a variety of flora and fauna.


March to June - summers of Mudumalai are moderately hot. The temperature in these months varies from 20°C to 37°C. Mercury drips down by a few degrees in the evening, and relaxing cool breeze definitely lifts the spirit of tourists. 


July to September- The monsoons season brings along moderate rainfall. The atmosphere becomes very fresh and rejuvenating, as the natural beauty of this place gets enhanced with rain showers.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Visiting Mudumalai can be enjoyable in any month of the year; however the month of January offers pleasant climatic conditions that make the journey more interesting. Comfortable climate during daytime is generally followed by cool nights, making the weather favorable to travel across the city. This is one of the best months to indulge in sightseeing and enjoying different tourist activities.
February Pleasant
February is mostly dominated by balmy days followed by pleasant nights. Planning a trip to this attractive city can be a good way of spending the vacations. Gentle winds that blow throughout the day offer mild atmosphere that is favorable to enjoy sightseeing and participate in other outdoor activities. This is the right time to find out the specialties of the city.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Onset of summer season is marked with the beginning of March. While the days are warm, nights can be pleasing. For maximum part of the day, skies remain clear and the temperature is suitable to explore all the attractions that lie in and around the city. As heat starts to increase enjoying outdoor activities can become difficult; therefore it is advised to carry sun protective gears.
April Hot
During April, the heat continues to rise and the temperature sometimes crosses the comfortable zone. Warm air that blows throughout the day makes it difficult for the travelers to explore the city conveniently. Blistering heat can obstruct the vacationers from enjoying their trip to the fullest. Therefore this month is generally not preferred by the tourists for planning a visit to Mudumalai.
May Hot
The month of May is not suitable for tourism as the sun shines with all its might hindering outdoor activities, as well as day trips. Being an off season, budget conscious travelers can plan their trip around this time. Various tour operators and hotels offer heavy discounts on their packages thus making it easier for the budget travelers to enjoy their trip.
June Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Influence of summers can still be experienced by the visitors travelling to the city. The sun imparts blazing heat which can make it difficult for the vacationers to enjoy their trip. Sweaty weather conditions and excessive heat can restrict the tourists from indulging in outdoor activities. It is recommended to avoid going out in the afternoon sun and carry sun protective gears.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Moderate rainfall in this month marks the beginning of monsoon season. Monsoons of the region are pleasant as the city is drenched by light to medium showers. With the arrival of monsoons, temperature of the region also experiences a dip. For those who love rains, getting soaked in the rains while exploring the picturesque sights of this region can be an amazing experience.
August Rainy
Gratifying monsoon showers continue in this month giving the region a majestic look. The rains add a rejuvenating touch and freshness to the place which makes it a perfect backdrop to click some fascinating pictures. So while planning to visit the city during this time, remember to pack your rain protective gears along with light cotton clothes to experience the true color of the region.
September Rainy
Monsoon showers help to increase the beauty of the region with a variety of flora adding colors to the surroundings. Wildlife enthusiasts and bird lovers can visit the region during this time to sight different animals in their natural habitat. Migratory birds can also be spotted by the vacationers. For those planning a visit, it is essential to carry rain gears and umbrella.
October Pleasant
The month of October is characterized by clear skies which are dominated by ample sunshine. Tourists in large numbers are allured by the post monsoon month, as the weather remains within comfortable ranges. Tourists can take part in various outdoor activities along with indulging in sightseeing. The stunning landscapes covered by lush green vegetation offer a majestic view to the visitors.
November Pleasant
Pleasant ambiance makes this month suitable for tourism. With the sky remaining clear for most part of the month, tourists can easily engage in a variety of outdoor activities. Tourists can opt to travel to nearby attractions and can also enjoy sightseeing, to enjoy their trip during this month. So, choose a suitable holiday pack and head towards this wonderful destination.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Winters in this region are not extreme. Pleasant ambiance of the city favors vacationing and offers a refreshing break to the travelers from their daily schedule. Cool breeze blows throughout the month and makes the temperature comfortable to participate in different tourist activities. In December, the place looks ethereal and a trip during this month can leave the visitors with some delightful memories that can be cherished forever.

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