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Mayapur, a serene and scenic place at the confluence of the holy river Ganga with the Jalangi, is a renowned holy place. Mayapur is highly attractive, tranquil and picturesque place located on the banks of the river Hooghly. The Mayapur Dham forms a part of the nine islands of Navadweep near to Kolkata. Mayapur is one of the renowned Vishnavite pilgrim centers founded by Bakti Vinod Thakur. Devotees of Krishna consider this place of high reverence and Mayapur is comparable with Mathura or Vrindavana. The temples in Mayapur are dedicated to Radha and Krishna.


Mayapur is the place where Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, considered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna, was born in 1486 AD. This is an important pilgrim center for the Gaudiya Vaishnaviites. The Mayapur atmosphere reverberates with the chanting of Hare Krishna and Hare Ram all through the days and the devotees dance and sing amazingly. Mayapur is thronged by thousands of devotees during the festival days of Holi (Dol Yatra), Janmashtami and other Vaishnava festivals.


There are many attractions in and around Mayapur. Chandrodaya Temple (first temple established by ISKON in Mayapur), Samadhi of Prabhupada (temple dedicated to the founder of ISKON), Shree Chaitanyamath (the birth place of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu), Goswami Maharaj Temple of Dashavatar and Chand Kazi’s Samadhi.


Tourists can forget about the stress of their busy life at this majestic Radha-Krishna haven. Mayapur offers all facilities for spending some time in tranquility. The ambiance of this place is entertaining and religious. The calming environment of this place offers rejuvenation to the mind and body.


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