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The city of Mathura experience extreme climatic conditions. The winters are severely cold while the summers are extremely hot. The best time for visiting Mathura is from October to March.

It is a famous belief that "the weather tests ones devotion, when a person is on a pilgrimage". The holy city of Mathura experiences the extreme of climatic conditions. In summers, it is very hot and in winters, the weather is extremely cold. Therefore the best season to visit Mathura is from the month of October to the month of March. During this time, outdoor activities can be enjoyed and the city of Mathura can be easily explored. The weather during these months remains pleasant. Rain lovers should plan their visit during the monsoon season which falls from the month of July to September. During this time, the city witness heavy monsoon showers and the famous Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with enthusiasm during this season. Any month can be chosen for planning a trip to Mathura because this holy city always keeps its doors open for its devotees.


December to February- These months experience extremely cold weather with the minimum temperature dipping below 12°C. The weather during the nights is chilly and foggy while the days are cold.


March to June- Summer season in Mathura is extremely hot with the maximum temperature soaring up to 45°C. This season is not preferred by tourists for making a visit.


July to September- with the arrival of monsoons, slight dip in temperature is observed. Regular showers are a prominent feature of the monsoons of Mathura and the city looks beautiful with lush greenery around.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold, Foggy
Very Cold, Foggy
The weather during the month of January is very cold as the temperature may sometimes fall below the sub zero level. This month is usually affected by foggy conditions for most part of the day as well as night. Good care of small children and elderly people should be taken if planning a visit during this month.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
This is the best month to visit Mathura. Different outdoor activities like sightseeing or visiting different temples can be best enjoyed during this time. The days are pleasant and are followed by chilly nights therefore carrying of warm woolens clothes are advised during this month. Different tour packages can be availed during this time, to suit a person needs.
March Pleasant
The weather during the month of March is pleasant and this is regarded as the year’s most beautiful time. The pleasant ambiance of the city can be enjoyed with one’s family or friends. Different tourist attractions can be visited during this time. In this month, the festival of colors, Holi is celebrated with huge applaud with people participating with full enthusiasm.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month marks the beginning of summer season. The temperature begins to increase slowly but still lies within the comfortable zone. Sky usually remains clear and the sunshine keeps the weather warm. Various tourist sports are still preferred during this time as the temperature still remains moderate. The Brahmosava Festival is celebrated during this month for 10 days at a stretch.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
During this month, summer season is at its peak and the weather is very hot. This month is not chosen by the tourists for visiting Mathura. Outdoor activities should be avoided in this month as sun stroke is usually common during this time. Small children should not be allowed to play in afternoon sun as it is not good for their health.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
The weather continues to be hot, with the sun shining bright in the sky. During this time, no tourist activities can be enjoyed due to the increased temperature. The sky remains clear with presence of some rain showers during the last days of the month. The Guru Purnima festival is celebrated during this month and the city witness large number of devotees.
Month Climate Details
July Very Hot
Very Hot
Temperature during this month can reach a maximum of 38°C. Presence of rainfall on some days of the month makes the atmosphere humid. This month is not regarded as a good time for planning a visit as rainfall can be experienced throughout the month. Carrying of rain gear is necessary, if planning to visit the city during this month.
August Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The month of august is regarded as the wettest month of the year and dark clouds cover the city for maximum time during the month. Rain lovers can plan their visit during this time for enjoying the rain and the scenic beauty of the region. In this month, the areas that lie in the vicinity of Mathura can be explored.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Due to regular rainfall, the temperature of the city is brought down but the days are still warm. Planning a visit in this month is a good idea for the nature enthusiasts as during this time, the flowers blossom making the city look very beautiful. By the end of September, rainfall stops completely giving way to the tourist season.
October Pleasant
The temperature during this month being pleasant marks the beginning of tourist month. This is the best time for planning the journey because the North India Tourism season starts during this month. A dip in the temperature is felt around this time and the days are warm followed by cool nights. Occasional showers can be experienced in this month.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
As the temperature experience a dip therefore this month is regarded as the ideal time for visiting different temples, for seeking Lord Rama’s blessing. The Govardhana Puja is celebrated during this time and devotees from different state get together to celebrate this festival with enthusiasm. The weather during morning is cool and is followed by chilly nights.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
This month is the best time for planning a trip to Mathura. The temperature during this month is very cold therefore carrying of woolen apparels is recommended. Sightseeing can be best enjoyed in the month of December. During the evening time, small children and aged people should be engaged with indoor activities.

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