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Tropical monsoon climate experienced in this famous city of Karnataka makes the winter season pleasant and ideal for sightseeing, while summers remain hot and dry. Months between September and February are the best for visiting Mangalore.

The tropical climate of Mangalore is attributed to its location on Karnataka's coastal belt. Arabian Sea and South Western Monsoon have a major role to play in influencing the climate of this city. Winter season, starting from December till February, is pleasant, with temperature and humidity level being low. As the winter season experienced in this region is not too extreme, thus it is the best time to visit Mangalore and indulge in sightseeing, enjoy outings and various beach activities. From March to May is the summer season, which can get quite hot. As the temperature during this season is mainly humid and hot, thus it is not a good time for outdoor visits and sightseeing. Following the summer season is the monsoon season, which starts from June and stays till September. Heavy showers and increased humidity make this time less favorable for visiting this region. Also unpredictable rainfall can disrupt your travel plans, while making it difficult to spend long time outdoors.


December to February – winter season brings along pleasant weather, as the temperature and humidity levels remain low. This season is considered good for sightseeing and travelling around this beautiful city to explore its various attractions.


March to May – Hot summer season is dominated by humid and hot climate, making it less favorable for outdoor visits. Still the temperature is bearable due to the cool breeze blowing from the sea.


June to September – Strong and heavy rainfall drenches Mangalore in monsoon season, offering a pleasant respite from hot summer season. Beauty of the surroundings is at its acme, attracting visitors from near and far.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Mangalore experiences pleasant weather during the month of January, dominated by mainly beautiful and clear skies. Light warm clothing might be required during night time. As the humidity levels remain low, thus the temperature is quite comfortable and perfect for visiting this beautiful city. Tourists can plan to indulge in activities like sightseeing, visit temples and spend time in the amazing surroundings of the beach.
February Pleasant
Pleasant weather continues to make the days beautiful with ample sunshine throughout the month of February. Those planning a trip to Mangalore during this time can expect to enjoy comfortable temperature and very low level of humidity. Plenty of options are available for tourists to spend their time here, such as indulging in outdoor activities, beach activities or enjoying temple visits.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Summer season starts in March leading to a rise in temperature. Weather remains mildly hot and dry, but it is still bearable. March is not considered one of the best months for visiting Mangalore, but the temperate weather and clear blue skies make it a good time to plan temple visits and take part in various beach activities.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Weather remains hot during the month of April and the temperature can become too high at times, causing inconvenience to tourists. The best remedy for beating the heat and surviving in this scorching summer is drinking coconut water which is available aplenty here. For those planning a visit to Mangalore during this month, carrying sun protective gears is recommended.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
The hottest month, May is accompanied with humid and hot climate. Tourists can expect to see clear blue skies, but the weather being too hot and uncomfortable, it is better to avoid visiting this region during summer season. When venturing out in Mangalore in this month, it is essential to wear loose cotton clothes, as well as carry sun protection gears.
June Rainy
Monsoon season arrives in Mangalore during the month of June, providing a relief from scorching heat of the summer season. Heavy rainfall lashes this region during most days of this month, giving a rise to the humidity level. This is an ideal time for rain lovers to visit Mangalore and enjoy the immense natural beauty this city is surrounded with.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Heavy rainfall occurring persistently makes July the wettest month and a perfect time for nature lovers to visit this part of the country. In this season the natural extravaganza experienced in this region is beyond explanation. Those who want to experience the incredible beauty of finest scenic views that Mangalore has to offer can plan their visit during this time.
August Rainy
Weather stays pleasant during August due to heavy showers that keep lending a fresh and lively touch to the surroundings. Pleasing climate and dipping temperature make this month good for visiting Mangalore. At the same time, travelling around the region can become difficult at times, due to constant rains and the humidity levels being high.
September Rainy
As the rainfall starts to subside in the month of September, tourists can expect to be welcomed by pleasant and comfortable weather, making it ideal for planning tourist activities in Mangalore. September month also marks the start of tourist season. You can spend a memorable time with your friends and family, enjoying sightseeing and various beach activities, including sunbathing, swimming and boating.
October Pleasant
As the month of October starts, tourist activity starts to rise in this region. Pleasant climate is accompanied with occasional showers, making the ambiance much more comfortable and perfect for indulging in sightseeing, planning temple visits and outdoor trips. This is also among the best times for visiting the beach and enjoying plenty of activities with your kids, family and friends.
November Pleasant
November is ideal for travelers to plant a visit to Mangalore, as the weather stays pleasing and cool. Beach activities can be best enjoyed during this time and tourists can indulge in swimming, sunbathing, boating and volleyball. Planning temple visits and exploration trips around this region is also a good option. Carry along light woolen clothes to stay warm and comfortable.
December Pleasant
Weather being pleasant and humidity levels low, Mangalore attracts maximum tourists during this month. This region starts buzzing with activity as tourists visit Mangalore from near and far and enjoy temple visits, sightseeing, nature walks and plenty of beach activities which keep them occupied and entertained. Those planning to visit Mangalore during this season should carry light woolens.

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