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Coordinates: 32.257401 77.174797
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Manali, the Valley of the Gods, the delight of tourists and of anyone who wishes to beat the heat, is an incredible hill station situated in the mountains of the Indianstate of Himachal Pradesh. The reason that Manali is often mentioned simultaneously with Kullu is that it is near the northern end of the Kullu Valley. Some believe that the word Manali is a version of ‘Manu-Alaya’ which literally means ‘the abode of Manu’. It is also believed that after a great flood had deluged the world, sage Manu stepped off his ark in Manali to create human life again.

Manali is the very essence of simplicity and culture. So if you want to come to Manali for a holiday, and you’re wondering about its culture, then here goes. The home of the Saptarishi, or Seven Sages, Manali and its surrounding area are of great significance to its culture. The town of Manali is small but beautiful. Its peaceful spirit is derived from the religious disposition of its people and he numerous places of devotion.

There are three recently built Tibetan monasteries at Manali.Apart from that Hadimba Temple is famous for its exquisitely carved doorway. Vashishta Temple is well-known for its hot springs. There are old temples dedicated to Lord Rama as well. The Club House provides you all kinds of fun like -  roller skating rink, library, , auditorium, billiards rooms, bar and restaurant. Bungee jumping is also there for the strong-hearted. Himachal Tourism also runs the Juniper cafe and Chandratal restaurants at Manali. The culture is diverse and fascinating and depicts that the rich traditional legacy and ancestral heritage has not lost its value for the people even now and it remains unaffected by modernism.

The people of Manali too form its culture, especially the ones that we consider different and even dangerous- like indigenous tribes of the region that have their own set of cultural patterns and customs. Several adventurous sports can be enjoyed too like- skiing, paragliding, parasailing and river rafting. The people’s devotion and association with God is always evident in their fairs and festivals. It is spectacular when the group of dancers performs on the folk song with enthusiasm on the beats of traditional music instruments. Folk Dances of Manali are natty, kharathi dance and charasay-tarasay. The bandhu or ghost dance is performed to ward off the evil spirits and protect their area from harm. The Manali arts are now becoming part of the international forum and culture, all thanks to the remarkable talent and craftsmen of the region. The handicraft industry forms the backbone of the Manali and Kullu region. The traditional outfits like shawls, mufflers and pattu are the finest example of their art. Colorful masks, wooden crafts, metal craft, intricately-designed jewelry, useful household goods, etc are the famous must-buy pieces of crafts.

Everyone waits in anticipation for the Winter Carnival, which is a state level festival. Massive participation takes place by culture groups and students. It’s held in the second and third weeks of January in Manali. The five-day long festival is a treat to behold. People look

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