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With pleasing weather all through the year, Malshej Ghats is visited by tourists in all the months. A popular place, located in Pune district of Maharashtra state, here each season has something unique to offer to the visitors.


December to February- This is definitely the best season to be here, as it is the time when one can see the best of flora and fauna of Malshej Ghats. The minimum temperature during winter season remains around 15°C.


March to May- During summer season the temperature varies from 22°C to 40°C. Although the days are a bit warm, but evenings and nights are very pleasing here and ideal to explore this place.


June to November- Heavy rainfall is the main characteristic of this season; however the pleasing weather in this season is amazingly good for rainy outings. Carrying rain gears can help you explore Malshej Ghats conveniently.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Regarded as one of the best months to visit Malshej Ghat, January witnesses a huge rush of visitors travelling from different parts of the country. Pleasant ambiance of the region offers visitors a chance to explore the beauty of this region. Ample sunshine and clear skies make the weather appropriate for travelling to different attractions that lie in and around the city.
February Hot
With increasing temperature, February welcomes summer season. Gentle winds that blow throughout the day, offer some relief from scorching heat of the sun. Tourists can participate in different outdoor activities, along with indulging in city tours. This is the best time to visit renowned places of interest which have increased the popularity of this region and explore the city in a better manner.
March Very hot
Very hot
During the month of March maximum temperature can sometimes reach up to 40°C, making the climate very hot. Skies remain clear during this month with the sun shining with all its might. Tourists can still plan day outs and visit various attractions that lie in the vicinity; however it is important to use sun protective gears while exploring the city.
April Very hot
Very hot
Maximum temperature during the month of April reaches up to 42°C, making it the hottest month of the year. Tourists usually avoid planning a trip during this month; however a tour to Malshej Ghat around this time can prove beneficial for budget conscious people, as they can avail discounts on tour packages and indulge in water sports to deal with the hot sun.
May Very hot
Very hot
This month is not recommended for tourism, as the temperature soars above comfortable range. Intense heat, along with harsh weather conditions adds to the inconvenience for all those who plan to explore this city during this time. It is not advisable to stay in the sun for a long period of time, especially during peak hours, as it can affect your health.
June Very hot
Very hot
Day trips and outdoor activities are hindered due to the presence of blistering heat which makes it difficult the travelers to enjoy their trip to the maximum. Being a hot month, it is regarded as an off season. Budget travelers can plan their trip during this time as they can avail discounts on holiday packages as well as on accommodation.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
Influence of summers is still seen during this month; however the skies remain cloudy for maximum part of the month. Sunny days are often followed by cool nights, which make it easier for tourists to enjoy their stay at Malshej Ghat to the maximum. Occasional rainfall may be expected during this month, as the monsoon season starts by the month’s end.
August Rainy
Heavy rainfall lashes the region with the beginning of August. The city looks more beautiful during the rains, as the waterfalls are full with water and thus offer a delightful view that can behold visitor’s attention. Tourists should carry light cotton clothes along with umbrellas to protect themselves from the rains. So pack your rain gears before you head towards Malshej Ghat.
September Rainy
Due to monsoon showers, temperature of Malshej Ghat tends to get lower. Skies remain covered with clouds and are sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms. Increased humidity and frequent downpours make it almost impossible to undertake city expeditions and outdoor activities. This is not one of the best months to travel to the city however rain lovers can still enjoy the beauty of Malshej Ghat.
October Hot
With the skies getting clear in October, the temperature again starts to rise. The pristine beauty of Malshej Ghat can be best explored by vacationers during this time. Travelers can enjoy themselves amidst post monsoon season which enhances the natural charm of this place, along with offering some breathtaking views of surroundings. The lush green beauty of the region is worth enjoying.
November Hot
Advent of winters is marked with the beginning of November, making this place suitable for tourist activities. The sky remains clear with ample sunshine and offers a good season to engage in various exciting and thrilling outdoor activities. Day outs and sightseeing trips can be planned around this time. So book a holiday package and make a trip to Malshej Ghat all the more fun.
December Pleasant
December marks the beginning of official tourist season. The region does not experience harsh winters, as the minimum temperature remains around 25-29°C. Usually the days are balmy and are often followed by cool nights. This month gives tourists a chance to explore this region conveniently. Dominated by cool climatic conditions, this is a good time to visit various attractions that have increased the popularity of this place.

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