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Malampuzha boasts of pleasant weather throughout the year, making this tourist destination a great choice for tourists to visit and enjoy the various tourist attractions all through the entire year.

The weather of Malampuzha in the winter (from November to March) can most definitely be described as a tourists delight since it makes the city fit to visit at almost all times of the year. With its location and the surroundings, the average temperature of Malampuzha experiences only a slight variation across the year as compared to other places like North India where the variations, especially in temperature are far more intense. The summer season in Malampuzha (from March to July) is one of the best times for visitors who like going outdoors and getting some real sightseeing done. The monsoon season (from August to October) is avoided by these tourists since travelling in the rains is very problematic. However, the natural beauty bestowed by the monsoons is simply without any comparison.


The winters of Malampuzha are known for their extremely pleasant weather, starting in November and going on till March, making this city very popular among all tourists who like going outdoors.


From April onwards till the month of July, Malampuzha’s summers are the best time for tourists with a plan for going outdoors and indulging in various tourist activities like sightseeing.


The monsoons of Malampuzha start during the month of August and carry on till the month of October. The intensity of the rainfall can catch tourists off – guard and delay their plans.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
With its chilly nights and warm days, the New Year brings a great influx of tourists every year to discover Malampuzha. Whether it is to enjoy tourist activities like sightseeing or just spending a relaxing day in the city, tourists can do so with great ease.
February Pleasant
This month has some of the best weather for all those tourists who want to head out in the day time and start exploring the outdoor vistas of Malampuzha, with the sunny blue skies and cool nights to make this month one of the very best times to check out all there is to see and experience in Malampuzha.
March Warm
The summer season begins to raise temperatures across the month, even more so towards the last week of this month. Tourists who wish to can still go out and enjoy all the various activities they had planned on doing during the day time and then come back and enjoy the comfortable night time weather as well.
April Warm
This month usually signals the beginning of Malampuzhas summer season. Tourists might find that daytime temperatures become rather unpleasant for those tourists who want to go outdoors since the combination of the rising temperatures and the abundant humidity might make outdoor travel in the daytime a rather sticky affair for many.
May Pleasant
This month is definitely one of the warm months in this city, but even though Malampuzhas weather is pleasant across the year, the combined impact of both the heat and also the rising humidity could prove to be a rather tall obstacle for tourists who would rather go for much cooler and drier climates.
June Pleasant
The temperature in this month is extremely relaxing with the sunny days warming up the day, making it perfect for sightseeing and checking out the natural beauty of this place. Many tourists are entranced by the blossoming natural beauty of this city in this month.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
The rains can cause outdoor tourist activities to come to a standstill so tourists are recommended to stay indoors. However, the rains also bring a whole new allure to Malampuzha and the off season discounts available to tourists really conscious about travelling on a budget giving them a whole new incentive to visit.
August Pleasant
This month is also a great time for tourists to come on down and see the beautiful sights and sounds of this city. Tourists who are looking forward to sightseeing and other traditional sightseeing activities now have all the more reason to visit and see the beauty as well as tranquility of Malampuzha, along with all its natural surroundings.
September Rainy
The monsoon season swings into effect across this month, with intermittent showers picking up in frequency and also intensity across this month. The entire city starts to blossom after these rains and the natural beauty of Malampuzha hit an all time high.
October Rainy
The monsoon season begins to take over the city as the precipitation makes its presence fully felt throughout the entire region. The indomitable frequency of the rainfall can definitely extinguish almost any and all plans by tourists of going outdoors and getting some sightseeing dome since the roads are often the first to succumb to the rainfall, blocking frequently travelled routes.
November Pleasant
The rainfall continues in this month, slowly reducing in intensity, quickly becoming the most preferred month for those travelers and tourists who visit Malampuzha in this time to enjoy the fresh natural beauty since coming to the city in November gives tourists the chance to see the natural beauty of this place.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The rainfall in Malampuzha comes to a gentle close during winter months and with the comfortable temperature and cool given its proximity to the coastline makes the month of December a great time to check out the city and see the tourist season at an all time high.

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