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Partly Cloudy
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Sited adjoining to Bay of Bengal, Mahabalipuram is located in Karnataka, lying exactly on the Coromandel Coast. For most months of the year Mahabalipuram witnesses moderate and humid climate. However, this place experiences nice and pleasant weather from

Mahabalipuram remains a popular tourist destination. Pleasant weather in the months of October to March makes it the best time to visit this city. Winters offer awesome view of the region. Different outdoor and adventurous activities can be enjoyed by the travelers in these months. Summer season offers hot climate which makes it uncomfortable to enjoy different outdoor activities but a trip in this month can be planned to enjoy different celebrations that are held on the beaches of Mahabalipuram. Summer season lasts for a short time after which monsoons hit the city. Heavy monsoon showers offer relief from scorching heat, making the weather pleasant. Rainfall increases the beauty of this region making it look very attractive. Rain lovers can plan their trip in these months to experience the beautiful surroundings of Mahabalipuram. So plan your trip in the best season to enjoy the scenic beauty of Mahabalipuram with your family or friends.


November to February- Winter is characterized by pleasant days and nippy nights. The average temperature during these months is around 16°C. One can enjoy a large number of activities which are offered in this season, including outings, sightseeing and a large number of adventurous activities.


March to May – As the temperature remains around 42°C, the summer season here is quite hot, making it difficult to move around in daytime. However, one can indulge in a whole lot of indoor activities at this time


June to September- Increased humidity is accompanied by moderate rainfall in this season. Carrying proper rain gear can definitely make it easier for you to explore the whole region without getting drenched.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Month of January is regarded as an ideal time for planning a holiday in Mahabalipuram. Weather of Mahabalipuram remains pleasant in this month with the natural beauty of the region at its peak. This is a good time for sightseeing and indulging in different outdoor activities. Celebrations of Pongal Festival make your trip even more enjoyable during this time.
February Pleasant
Due to cool nights and pleasant days, this month gets quiet enjoyable. Tourists can indulge in various adventurous activities, such as angling or deep sea fishing. Cool winds that blow throughout the day help in lowering the temperature and keeping it within comfortable range. The natural scenery of the city looks very attractive in this month.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Onset of summer season is marked with the beginning of the month of March and an increase in the temperature is observed. Weather of the city still remains moderately hot with the sun shining bright. Beach holidays can be enjoyed by the visitors during this month, along with indulging in different outdoor activities.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Hot and humid weather marks the onset of the month of April. Budget travelers can plan their holiday in this month, as discounts are offered on various holiday packages by different resorts and hotels. A visit to the famous Five Raths temple can be made. This temple is made from rocks and boasts the Dravidian Style of architecture.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
As the temperature soars up to 38°C, this month is the hottest month of the year. Because of its nearness to sea, climate during evenings remains pleasant. Tourists prefer wearing cotton clothes and carrying sun protection gears in this month. An evening walk on the beach with your loved one to enjoy the exquisite landscape can be a pleasant experience.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Pre monsoon showers are experienced in this month, which help in making the weather comfortable. Due to occasional rainfall, an increase in the humidity level is observed. Sky remains clear for most part of the days, making it a preferred time to explore small towns that lie in the vicinity of this sea port, Mahabalipuram.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Beginning of monsoon season is marked with the arrival of heavy rainfalls that are sometimes accompanied with strong winds. Rain lovers can plan their trip in this month to enjoy the pleasant weather of the city. Beauty of the flora that is present in the region is at its peak during the rainy season which increases its charm even more.
August Rainy
Sunny days followed by intermittent showers, make it an ideal time for nature enthusiasts to plan their trip. A visit to the Crocodile Bank, which is located in the vicinity, can be planned during this month. This park is a habitat of different species of African and Indian alligators, with the Snake farm remaining the main attraction of this bank.
September Hot
Infrequent rainfall in this month helps in bringing down the temperature to a comfortable range during day time. Different fairs and exhibitions are organized by local residents, where visitors can indulge in the shopping of different sculptures and beautiful statues. Specialty of Mahabalipuram remains the beautifully carved images of soapstone that can be purchased from the local market.
October Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
All the tourist activities are possible in this month, as the climate remains moderately hot. Month of October marks the official beginning of tourist season in Mahabalipuram. History lovers can visit the famous Arjuna’s Penance which is carved on the rear side of the Whale shaped rock. Carvings of different gods are present on this sculpture.
November Pleasant
As the temperature experiences a dip, the month of November marks the beginning of winter season. The city of Mahabalipuram remains crowded during this time as it is a high tourist season. Weather during the days remains pleasant while the nights are cool due to the cloudy sky. Different indoor and outdoor activities can be enjoyed in this month.
December Pleasant
The coast of Mahabalipuram looks amazing in this month of the year. Newly wedded couples plan their trip during this month to enjoy the famous Mahabalipuram Dance Festival. This festival stretches over 4 weeks with trained classical dancers from all over India participating in it. Tourists can join the celebrations that are held on open-air stage and enjoy themselves.

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