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Known for its ancient temples, Madurai is a famous place located in Tamil Nadu and visited by numerous tourists every year. For most part of the year, Madurai experiences hot and dry climate. However, the months from October to March are just ideal to be

Madurai has remarkable structures and magnificent temples that keep the town crowded with tradesmen and travelers throughout the year. This beautiful southern city of India witnesses dry and hot weather conditions. Thus visiting Madurai during October to March can be most enjoyable. Summers hit the city in the month March and continue till mid June. The weather is hot with bright sunshine that makes wandering around the city difficult, thus sun tan lotions and sun protection gears are recommended. Conversely, monsoons in Madurai are favorable for those who love rains. Temperature drops down to a comforting level and perfect for exploring the City of Temples. Winter season is the best for enjoying numerous outdoor activities in Madurai. This season is perfect for families and couples to enjoy the festivity of the region.


December to February- Temperature in winter season varies from 18°C to 32°C. Days are quite pleasing in this season, thus making winter an ideal time for sightseeing and temple visits at Madurai.


March to June - summers are extremely hot, with the temperature being around 41°C. Hot days might hinder your plans of sightseeing, but cool evenings can surely be used to explore the town.


July to August- Madurai receives medium rainfall every year, and sometimes it is also accompanied by thunderstorms. The moderate climate during this season provides you the best opportunity to take pleasure of the rainy outings and enjoy your trip to Madurai to the fullest.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
January is the month that has pleasant climatic conditions. Days are sunny accompanied with clear sky and cool breeze, making the evenings mildly cold. This a good time to enjoy a visit to the city of temples, including Thirupparankundram, Koodal Azhagar Perumal and the famous Shiva Temple which lures a huge influx of tourists every year. It is good option to carry some light woolen clothing as nights can be quite cold.
February Pleasant
Weather in this month is very pleasing, as the days are comfortably warm whereas nights are expected to be cold. The beauty of natural vista is at its prime, thus making the period ideal for planning a family vacation or honeymoon trip to Madurai. Tourists can also plan outdoor activities and take pleasure in visiting beautifully constructed and well maintained Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal, water theme parks, kazimar Mosque located at its outskirts.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
This month invites a good number of tourists to enjoy its cultural and religious assortment of attractions. Temperature begins to increase, thus the days remain warm but within bearable range. Besides its magnificent architecture, museums and palaces, tourists can explore the authentic Madurai cuisine and buy traditional saris, artifacts for which the town is known.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
April is the month when summers are at its peak and climate can become a bit uncomfortable to travel, but thanks to the cool winds that make the evenings pleasant, one can head out to enjoy various attractions that draw scores of tourists. For those who wish to plan a small trip at this beautiful destination, make sure you wear light cotton clothing to remain comfortable.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Madurai witnesses extreme summers in the month of May, although you can enjoy the clear skies, but extremely warm days can make travelling around the city quite difficult. For travelers planning a trip to Madurai in this month, it is recommended that you carry sun gears to protect yourself from sun stroke and other such issues caused by the sweltering weather.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
June is the month that despite witnessing such hot weather conditions invites huge scores of tourists. Although initial days of this month temperature keeps the visitors at bay, but the monsoon showers arriving in the mid of this month completely change the weather conditions of the town. Those who love rainy season can enjoy spending their vacation at Madurai.
Month Climate Details
July Very Hot
Very Hot
July brings along searing heat, along with this the intermittent showers continue to drench the city, thus offering a relief from the blistering summers. By the end of this month, level of mercury is expected to lower down, giving rise to soothing climatic conditions. It is recommended that you carry rain gears to avoid getting drenched in sudden rainfall.
August Rainy
August is the month when monsoons set in drenching the entire city. The decrease in mercury level brings some relief from the escalating temperature. You can expect occasional thunderstorms, thus outdoor activities are not much preferred during this month. However the scenic beauty of the city is the prime attraction and tempts tourists to plan a visit to Madurai.
September Rainy
September is the perfect month to visit Madurai for those who like monsoon season. With dark clouds covering the blue sky most of the times, the weather tends to be cozier. Tourists can enjoy visiting various attractions of the city. Temple visits can be a good option to plan with family and friends. It is recommended that you carry your rain gears to stay protected from the sporadic rainfall.
October Pleasant
October is the peak tourist month as the north eastern monsoon finally enters the region. This month is tagged as one of the most pleasant months of the year. You can enjoy visiting the ancient temples or buy handicrafts and other items from local market, as rains tend to slow down to a less troublesome level.
November Pleasant
Weather is pleasing and comforting whereas nights tend to get cooler as the winters set in. You can experience decrease in temperature which makes the place more welcoming for taking up outdoor activities in Madurai. Visitors, devotees and couples arrive in Madurai in huge numbers to enjoy an idyllic holiday in the town.
December Pleasant
With this month the level of mercury begins to drop thus making December the coolest month of the year. As compared to most parts of the northern region, Madurai does not experience extreme winters. This month offers clear blue sky and slight warmth, thereby making the overall weather pleasing while the nights are cool. December is a perfect month for holidaying with friends and family and indulging in some exciting activities.

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