Madikeri, Karnataka


State: Karnataka
Famous for/as:
Languages: Kanada
Coordinates: 12.426000 75.738197
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Madikeri Weekend Getaways;

The picturesque capital of Coorg called Madikeri offers an old world charm of the colonial era with acres of gently rolling hills covered with tea and coffee plantations, orange groves infusing the air with a tangy fragrance and undulating streets wrapped in a blanket of light, smoky mist. Also known as the Scotland of India, this town makes for an unforgettable holiday destination.


Living amidst the natural beauty of Madikeri are the people of this land, known as the Kodavas. They have a distinctive dressing style, the men wear wraparound robes called the Kupya and the women wear the sari. The carrying of ceremonial knives and martial art inspired war dances are the traditions that are still in practice. Communal gatherings involving drinks, dance and special dishes of meat seasoned with Garcinia are the central cultural attractions.


With spots like the Raja's seat perched atop a hill, where the kings of the times gone by spent evenings watching the golden sunset, clusters of red-roofed dwellings and small bustling bazaars, this town situated at an elevation of 1525 m holds a rare old-world charm.


The main festivals celebrated in Madikeri are Kailpodhu, Kaveri Sankramana, Puttari, Dasara and Karaga.  The Dasara procession is a wonderful sight with the beautifully decked mandapas.


With its undulating topography, colored in different shades of green, dotted with velvety coffee plantations in an atmosphere heavy with ethereal mist, Madikeri offers a picture of magnificence. Lots of trekking tours are available in this beautiful holiday spot, making Karnataka a perfect gateway for a leisurely holiday.

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