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Adorned with unparalleled beauty and spectacular landscapes at an altitude of 2750 m, Ladakh is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India, with cold and chilly weather all around the year.

Ladakh is opened for its tourists through the year, while the best time to visit Ladakh is from June until September. The temperature in summer can touch 30C thus making feasible for its tourist to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the place. At this time Ladakh is an incomparable paradise, with clear, stunning views and warm and sunny weather. Usually keen trekkers head for vacations during July and August, when the Manali and Srinagar highways are open to vehicles. It is also recommended that tourists visiting should be prepared for the sharp drop in temperatures at night. Despite the winter temperatures dropping below the sub arctic levels in late December and January, travelers often visit the place to enjoy the snowfall and the serene beauty. Also monsoon season is the perfect time to travel to Leh as Ladakh does not experience rain like elsewhere in India.


Winters –October –May – Ladakh witnesses very cold winter season and snowfall is a common occurrence, thus making the place more inviting for tourists. It is recommended that you carry heavy woolens, as temperature can drop down to 0°C and below.


Summers – June – September – summers are ideal for a visit to Ladakh, with clear skies and panoramic views. The weather is cool, while average temperature can go up to 33°C. This region attracts maximum number of tourists in these months.


Monsoon – Ladakh does not receive rainfall at any specific time. As monsoon showers are not confined to any particular season, periodic rainfall may occur at any time of the year.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing cold with snowfall
Freezing cold with snowfall
In this month, the place undergoes very cold climatic condition accompanied with heavy snowfall. With the dip in mercury level, the temperature goes beyond freezing point and there are chances that frost may occur. This season is not suitable for tourism as the passage to reach the region remains covered in snow.
February Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold
The weather is extremely cold, with the mercury dipping dangerously close to zero and the climatic condition outside make it very dangerous and inconvenient for tourists to go out. Snowfall can cause disruption in travelling, therefore carrying sufficient clothing is highly recommended, especially for children and old age people. It is better if you do not plan any visit in this month.
March Very cold
Very cold
With the beginning of March the climatic conditions change, you can experience the rise in temperature. The sky is clear, but the scorching sunrays may even cause severe sun burns. You can plan a visit in this month but indulging in outdoor activity, might be troublesome because of the snowfall that is very common during this season.
April Very cold
Very cold
The temperature starts to ascend, thus making it difficult to withstand the cool breeze. The days are cold though the sky is cloudless but the nights usually get very cold. As the ground remains covered in snow it becomes necessary to take extra care if travelling with kids or old people.
May Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The climate is moderately cold during the days while the nights get chilly. Those tourists who want to go and explore the scenic beauty of the place can do so in this month. With the end of August, it is expected that summers will arrive thus making the surroundings worth watching. Tourists from hotter regions may plan a visit to Ladakh and can get to enjoy the snow as well.
June Moderately cold
Moderately cold
June is the month that brings the temperature within the comfortable zones. The heat of the sun makes it pleasant to enjoy the city offerings. This is the beginning and the best time for tourism. Though the region is devoid of heavy rainfall, light showers can be expected. The Manali-Leh Highway and the Srinagar-Leh Highway become motorable and tourists can come in large number.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
The area experiences light monsoon rains but at times of heavy rainfall this can be more of an inconvenience. For tourists who wish to enjoy the natural vista in its full boom this month is one of the best for holidaying. As the temperature level is within comforts, the days are warmer and nights are feasible to plan a stay without any major annoyance due to bad weather conditions.
August Moderately cold
Moderately cold
August is the ideal time for planning your most awaited trip with your family. Days are cool with plenty of sunshine whereas the nights can get bit chilly at times. Tourists, who love snow, need to travel to high altitudes. Also enjoying diverse mountain sports and other adventures can be a lot more fun, as rainfall completely seizes by the end of this month.
September Moderately cold
Moderately cold
This is the last month of the official tourist’s season and on set for winter season. With the end of this month the weather starts getting colder but days are still cool and pleasant. The skies are mostly clear with plenty of sunshine and rainfall is rare. For tourists from northern regions this can be a good time to spend your vacations.
October Very cold
Very cold
Ladakh generally experiences cold weather and with this month the dip in mercury level leads to chilly climatic conditions. The days get extreme cold and the temperature is expected to reach beyond comfort zone at nights. This month might not be the best time for tourism because the highways are blocked due to heavy snowfall.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
Finally the extreme winters are here, the days become colder as the temperature reaches sub zero levels, making it difficult for travelling. Get enough protective clothing, good quality walking shoes to guard against chilblains. Sightseeing and even moving around the city is not possible in this month. It is better to avoid any visit in such weather conditions.
December Freezing cold with snowfall
Freezing cold with snowfall
One among the coldest months of the year in Ladakh, this brings with itself maximum snowfall. Due to the snow, the area remains cut off from the rest of the country and there are no tourist’s activities. Routes reveal some of the exotic hideouts and offers panoramic views of the natural surroundings. It is an enjoyable time for taking up honeymoon trips.

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