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Boasting abundant natural beauty, Kukke Subramanya like the rest of Mangalore, has a tropical climate. The months from September to March are just ideal to visit this place.


December to February - winters at Kukke Subramanya are mildly cold and the average temperature is around 15°C. It is an ideal time to be here, as one can also be a part of Thaipooyam festival which takes place during January and February. This is the time for many processions and festivities in the town.


March to May- Summers here are a bit hot with temperature rising up to 35°C during daytime. However, cool evenings give you a good chance to explore the place.


June to September- It is the time for medium rainfall, which makes sure that you can enjoy your sightseeing trips without any interruption. However, carrying rain gears with you makes it easier to explore this place without getting drenched.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
January is a perfect month to visit this city. As the temperature of the region remains well within comfortable ranges, a trip to Kukke Subramanya can help in exploring the region in a better manner. Clear skies amidst ample sunshine encourage the travelers to indulge in different types of outdoor activities. Carrying light warm clothes would be beneficial for the vacationers.
February Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Sunny days followed by cool nights dominate this month. February beckons tourists from different regions of the country as this month offers amazing weather to be enjoyed by tourists. Amidst the gently blowing wind, vacationers can indulge in different kinds of outdoor activities. This is a favorable month to explore the historical sites and other renowned sightseeing spots of the region.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
The month of March marks the beginning of summer season. Warm winds welcome the tourists visiting this city. Relaxing cool breeze uplifts the visitor’s spirit and they can enjoy their vacations amidst comfortable temperature. Natural surroundings and verdant forests make up for a beautiful sight that beholds visitor’s attention. Travelers can also experience the uniqueness of different festivals celebrated in the region.
April Hot
April is the hottest month of the region and most of the tourists avoid traveling to this region during this month. While days are quite hot, cool evenings offer pleasant and favorable climate to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. It is advisable to carry sunscreen and light cotton, clothes if visiting Kukke Subramanya in the month of April.
May Hot
Intermittent showers during this month can help the visitors to get some relief from the hot weather. During this month travelers can enjoy festive celebrations which impart color to this city. The amazing celebrations of different festivals can help a person to get the best holiday experience. So plan a trip to Kukke Subramanya in May and become a part of these wonderful events.
June Rainy
The month of June marks the beginning of rainy season. Light showers help in decreasing the temperature and keep it within comfortable ranges. If you are in love with rains, then visiting Kukke Subramanya during this month can help you to explore the region’s natural beauty. When planning a trip during this month, remember to carry rain gears along with you.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Tourists visiting Kukke Subramanya in this month can come across medium rainfall. So drench yourself in the rain and click some amazing photographs with your loved ones. This is one of the best months for the rain lovers to spend some time amidst lush greenery. Planning a trip during this month can leave a person with sweet memories that can be cherished forever.
August Rainy
Constant rainfall offers relief from the scorching sun. The region is blessed with gushing rivers, verdant forests and mighty mountains, the beauty of which increases manifold during the rainy season. People from far off regions visit this destination as it also holds special religious significance. Frequent downpours might restrict outdoor activities; however travelers can indulge in a number of indoor activities.
September Rainy
Monsoon showers, continuing in this month also, increase the beauty of the city. Mercury falls down to a comfortable range, making it easier for the tourists to travel to this destination. Outdoor activities are still restricted. However, if you are a rain lover, then remember to carry rain gear and light cotton clothes to enjoy your stay to the maximum.
October Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Beginning of the October month experiences moderately hot and humid climate. Sun shines constantly and thus increases the temperature. Post monsoon is the peak tourist season and the city witnesses a large rush of travelers. October is a favorable month to try your hand at a numerous outdoor activities. Tourists can also visit various attractions that have increased the popularity of the region.
November Pleasant
With the sky remaining clear, pleasant climatic conditions welcome the tourists visiting the region in November. Travelers can engage themselves in sightseeing, along with enjoying different indoor as well as outdoor activities. A trip to Kukke Subramanya is seen as an enjoyable affair in the month of November. So take up a holiday package and make your vacation experience unforgettable.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
This is the coldest month of the year with the temperature dipping to as low as 16°C. Vacationers from all around the world plan to visit the city during this month to enjoy amidst pleasant ambiance. The majestic views of the city adorned by cool breeze can leave a person mesmerized. This month makes up for a good time to enjoy amazing vacations.

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