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Cool climate and picturesque views of Kufri attract thousands of tourists every year. A prominent hill station located near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh state, Kufri experiences moderate climate, with pleasant summers and chilly winters.

The best time to visit Kufri is from the month of March till the month of November. These months offer pleasant weather and this is regarded as an ideal time for enjoying the scenic views of this hill station. Different tourist activities can be enjoyed during this time. With the temperature touching the sub zero level, winters remain extremely cold. This is a good time to experience the snowfall in the region. Newly wedded couples plan their trip in this season. Tourists can indulge in different adventure activities, such as skiing and trekking. Monsoon season brings along with it mild rainfall which is accompanied by strong winds. Rain lovers can plan their trip in this month to experience the beauty of this hill station. Different festivals are celebrated during this time, which make the hill station look very appealing. So pack your bags and enjoy your trip to Kufri.


October to March – Chilly days arrive with the onset of winter season, as the average temperature drops below 0°C. Snowfall is a common occurrence during this season and snowcapped mountains welcome the tourists to Kufri during this time.


April to June – The moderate climate during summer season makes the weather very pleasant. The temperature remains between a minimum of 12°C and maximum 19°C. It is considered as the most preferred time for enjoying plenty of activities in its scenic environs.


July to September – Scanty showers dominate the monsoon season in Kufri, lending a charming appeal to the already fascinating surroundings. The temperature drops down to 10°C, making it an ideal time for nature lovers.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold, Foggy
Very Cold, Foggy
The month of January experiences very cold weather, with the days dominated by foggy conditions. Tourists can enjoy several adventurous sports, such as tobogganing or skiing as snowfall is common during this month. Kufri is regarded as a paradise for nature lovers as it houses different varieties of flora, which can be explored by the visitors.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
An increase in the temperature is observed but the weather still remains cold. The famous winter sports festival is celebrated annually in the month of February and is considered as a major attraction for the visitors. The main event in this festival remains the skiing competition, of which tourists can also become a part and enjoy themselves.
March Cold
The month of March marks the beginning of tourist season as a huge rush of visitors is witnessed in Kufri. Small towns that lie in the vicinity of Kufri can be explored in this month. People can enjoy the cool ambiance of Kufri as it is regarded as a summer resort. Different adventurous and challenging activities can be enjoyed by the travelers.
April Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Onset of summer season is marked with the beginning of this month, but the weather remains pleasantly cold. A not to miss experience is horse riding, which should be tried by tourists as it offers a chance to explore the hilly terrains of Kufri. Snugly covered in warm clothes tourists can visit different popular spots that lie in and around Kufri.
May Pleasant
The month of May offers pleasant weather which is considered ideal for making a visit to the Indira Tourist Park or the Himalayan National Park. These parks are well known for providing a dazzling view of the Himalayas. By housing more than 180 species of different animals and birds, these parks are regarded as an eco tourism hub.
June Pleasant
Pre monsoon showers are experienced in this month, which further enhance the beauty of this picturesque hill station. Prime attractions of Kufri remain the fascinating scenic spots and the delightful parks. A trip to Fagu can be an enriching experience for nature enthusiasts. This place is famous for various temples that are dedicated to different gods.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoon season marks its presence with the beginning of this month. Scanty showers are accompanied by strong winds which help in decreasing the temperature. Rain lovers can plan their trip in this month to enjoy the scenic beauty of Kufri and lush greenery of the region can be best appreciated by the tourists during this month.
August Rainy
Kufri presents amazing scenery in the month of August, as the rain washes the region and makes it look magnificent. The flora of the town looks very beautiful due to rains and this makes an ideal period to travel for nature enthusiasts. Travelers prefer to carry along rain gears with them to enjoy their trip to the maximum.
September Rainy
Occasional showers are observed in this month, therefore different outdoor activities can be enjoyed around this time. A visit to the Chini Bungalow can be planned by visitors. This bungalow is famous for its architecture and sculptures and the beauty of this bungalow beholds the visitor’s attention. Other such wonderful places that lie in the vicinity can also be explored by tourists.
October Pleasant
Month of October marks the beginning of winter season with the temperature ranging between 11°C to 18°C. The festival of light, which is Diwali, is celebrated with huge grandeur as the residents light up the city with colorful and bright lights. Tourists can also join in the celebrations and enjoy themselves, besides indulging in different outdoor sports.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
A dip in the temperature is observed in the month of November which makes the weather cold and this month is regarded as an ideal time for planning the vacations. A visit to Kufri Fun World can be a pleasant experience for the children as well as adults, because this park offers different rides and activities as the world’s largest go kart track is present in this park.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
Snowfall marks the beginning of the month of December and the picturesque view of the green valley covered with snow looks magnificent. This is a good time to plan a holiday at Kufri as this region experiences moderate level of snowfall which can be enjoyed by tourists. Different adventurous activities can be planned in this month to experience the adrenaline rush.

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