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Located in Southern India, Kozhikode has a rather pleasant climate across the year, which means that it is comfortable for tourists to visit this tourist season throughout the entire year.

The comfortable ambience and minimal variation in temperatures means that tourists can visit Kozhikode almost any time of the year. However, a majority of tourists seem to prefer visiting during the winter season, namely October to February and the early spring / summer season, namely March to May. There are a number of tourist activities which visitors can enjoy in these months since the rains do not interrupt any plans for travelling. The monsoon season, from June to September, is also one in which tourists who love the rains can visit the city of Kozhikode and enjoy impressive off season discounts as well.


The winter season in Kozhikode starts from the month of December and goes on through to the month of February, with pleasant weather a favorite among a sizeable number of tourists.


From the month of March onwards through the month of May, Kozhikode’s summer season is rather comfortable. However, many tourists, especially those from colder places, might feel uncomfortable.


The monsoon season in Kozhikode starts in the month of June and continues till the month of September. The intense rain can delay any outdoor plans which tourists might have.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
The cold weather in this month is usually rather mild, giving the day time a pleasant temperature which makes this month one of the best times to not only indulge in tourist activities like sightseeing, but also other activities like exploring the backwaters or even checking out the local bird sanctuary. Tourists can not only enjoy the great weather, but even some of the local festivities.
February Pleasant
The days in February here are comfortably warm and the night time temperatures bring a mild chill to the air. This month is highly preferred by tourists who have come here to enjoy not only sightseeing, but other activities like visiting and exploring beaches and many other tourist activities to indulge in.
March Warm
It is across this month when the temperature in the city begins to rise, finally settling into the summer season when it is over. This rise in temperature along with the levels of humidity in the city means that tourists who want to indulge in outdoor activities could face a problem with the sweltering humidity. Cool breezes in the evening however, do bring much needed relief to tourists.
April Hot
The days in April are bright and sunny, along with a great deal of atmospheric humidity. The rise in temperatures might be countered by a pre monsoon shower which could lower temperatures for a few days. Outdoor activities might be limited due to temperature and precipitation concerns. Kozhikode beach is a place where tourists who can tolerate the above can enjoy beautiful sunsets.
May Hot
This month is the hottest month in the year in this city, with day time temperatures making sure that any outdoor excursions made by tourists will be beset with heat and also a lot of humidity, making it a rather uncomfortable and unpleasant affair for all those involved. The night time temperatures dip into comfortable ranges thanks to the cool breezes.
June Rainy
This month is also hot like the one which precedes it but its span also includes the onset of the monsoon season in this region. The days are warm and rainfall can inhibit plans for travelling but are a welcome sign to those who wish to experience the beauty of the monsoons. This month also marks the start of the off – season, giving visitors the opportunity to avail great discounts.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The monsoon season will continue to interrupt any and all travel plans which tourists might make during this month. The temperature comes down to a more or less comfortable level during the day but the humidity will make outdoor travel unpleasant. However monsoon lovers will be pleased to see the kind of off – season discounts available in this month.
August Warm
The monsoons begin to slow down across August, with humidity levels staying constantly high. The receding monsoons give the natural beauty around this city a nice, refreshing look making this month one of the best months for tourists to check out the bountiful greenery which surrounds the region.
September Warm
The monsoons give way to clear skies in this month as the tourist season commences. With pleasant day time temperatures and inviting breezes in the night, this month is one of the most preferred by tourists who wish to head outdoors and get some sightseeing and other such tourist activities done.
October Rainy
The North East monsoon swings into the city in this month, dropping temperatures giving the tourists an extremely pleasant ambience to enjoy themselves in. The cool day time temperatures and pleasant night time breeze makes this month one of the best to explore Kozhikode beach and even the city itself.
November Rainy
The NorthEast monsoons hit their peak and begin receding across this month, making the atmosphere really pleasant. Tourists who wish to indulge in bird watching, sightseeing and other tourist activities like checking out the lush, natural beauty of Kozhikode’s surroundings will be very pleased as the rains come to a stop.
December Pleasant
The temperature becomes extremely inviting during this month, which also experiences extremely high volumes of incoming tourist traffic since the day times are sunny with clear skies all around and the night time temperatures ranging from pleasant to mildly cold. This month is usually the peak of the tourist season thanks to the opportunity to indulge in activities like sightseeing, bird – watching and even beach activities.

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