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A small town of Orissa, Konark is renowned for ancient temples and alluring beaches. The best time to be at this place is from September to March when you can enjoy visiting its numerous temples and exploring the rich heritage of this region.

The best time to visit Konark is from the month of September till the month of March. This period offers pleasant weather during which different outdoor activities can be enjoyed by the tourists. Summer season is marked by very hot weather with the temperature sometimes reaching as high as 40°C. This is a perfect time to enjoy on the beaches of Konark with your friends or family. An evening walk with your loved one on the beach can be a wonderful experience. Monsoon season offers mild rainfall which comes as a respite from the scorching heat. Rain lovers and nature enthusiasts can plan their trip in this season to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Devotees throng the city all around the year to visit the famous Sun Temple that was built in 13th century. Therefore plan your trip and head towards Konark to experience the overwhelming beauty of the city.


October to November - winters in Konark are quite chilly and mercury dips to 12°C. The month of October is considered just ideal for sightseeing and spending some relaxing and unforgettable time at the famous Chandrabhaga Beach.


March to June- The summer months are quite hot at Konark, when temperature goes up to 43°C. However, the month of June sometimes receives pre-monsoons showers, giving some relief from sweltering heat.


July to September- These are the months of medium rainfall, at times cyclone also strike the whole area, mainly post monsoon. It is the time of the year when the whole place looks amazing with lush greenery everywhere.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Month of January offers moderately cold climate with the sky being clear for most part of the daytime. Cool breeze blows throughout the day making the climate pleasant to enjoy different outdoor activities. Magha Mela, which is considered as the most colorful festival of the region, is celebrated in this month. A large influx of devotees and grand celebrations mark this festival.
February Pleasant
Different tourist activities, such as visiting different spots or famous temples, can be enjoyed in this month. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the beauty of the region that is at its peak. Tourists can also indulge in various water sports, such as scuba diving or swimming that are offered on the beaches of Konark.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The month of March marks the beginning of summer season and temperature slowly begins to rise, making the weather warm. This is an ideal time to visit Konark beach that boasts of golden sand and emerald water. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach at dawn or dusk, by having a leisure walk, which can also help them in relaxing.
April Pleasant
Tourists can get involved in different beach activities, such as sun bathing and swimming, to have some relief from the scorching sun. Carrying sun protective gears and sunscreen is important, if planning a trip in this month. Weather during the day time remains moderately hot while the nights are pleasant, making it favorable to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This is regarded as the hottest month of the year but the average weather is not too severe. A visit to Sun Temple, which is regarded as the main attraction here, can be planned in this month. This temple has been declared as a world heritage site. Different stone carvings on its walls enhance the beautiful architecture of the temple.
June Hot
Pre monsoon showers help in lowering the temperature but the weather still remains hot. A visit to different temples that lie in the proximity can be enjoyed during this time. Stories that are connected with these temples leave the visitors amazed. People who have interest in ancient civilization can enrich their knowledge by visiting these places.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Onset of monsoon season is marked with the beginning of the month of July. Rainfall continues for longer duration due to which a fall in the temperature is observed. Rain lovers can plan their visit in this month to enjoy the scenic beauty of this region. Different fairs and exhibitions are also held in this month to attract the attention of tourists.
August Rainy
Rains continue to hit the region, making it a favorable time for people who love rains to visit the city. The picturesque beauty of the city is worth enjoying during this time. Tourists can try out the local flavors and different cuisines that are offered by various restaurants here. Nature enthusiasts can also plan their vacations in this month.
September Pleasant
Occasional rainfalls are experienced during this time but the sky remains clear for most part of the daytime. This month marks the beginning of the tourist season and visitors in large numbers throng the city. This place looks appealing as rains wash away all the dust and dirt, making the flora of the region appear very beautiful.
October Pleasant
Weather in the month of October remains pleasant, therefore making it a perfect time to enjoy different tourist attractions. Various sightseeing spots can be visited and small towns that lie in the vicinity can be explored during this time. A visit to the archaeological museum can also be enjoyed by people who have interest in history.
November Pleasant
Pleasant days are followed by cool nights. Travelers can indulge in shopping during this month and enjoy this experience as they can buy beautiful decorative items, handicrafts and artifacts. Art lovers can indulge in shopping of different paintings that are painted on cloth canvas and wood carvings. Being in the tranquil environment of Konark is sure to please your mind and soul.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The famous Konark Dance Festival is celebrated in this month that stretches for a period of five days. This is a classical dance festival in which eminent dancers from all over India come together to pay tribute to the Sun temple. This extravaganza beholds a person’s attention and makes it an excellent event to be enjoyed by the entire family.

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