How to Reach Kolhapur

By Train

Travelling by train to Kolhapur could perhaps be the best option for all budget travelers. The Kolhapur railway station, also known as the Chatrapati Shahu Maharaja Terminus is well connected with all the metropolitan cities of India, including Mumbai (Mahalaxmi Express), Bengaluru (Ranichennama Express), Pune (Maharashtra Express), and Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad Express). There is a direct train available from the capital city to Kolhapur (Nizamuddin Express) as well.

By Air

Kolhapur offers a domestic airport at Ujlaiwadi, which is connected with the Mumbai International Airport. Ujlaiwadi Airport is at a distance of about 13 kms from the hub of the Kolhapur. The city is connected through airways with prominent cities all around India. Ujlaiwadi Airport is the nearby major airport which makes it easier for tourists to travel from prominent cities in India and other parts of the world. Perhaps, this could be a good option for all those tourists who want to travel comfortably and hassle-free. Cab services are available from the airport, and it takes around 300 INR to travel from the airport to the city.

By Bus

Tourists can avail deluxe and luxury bus services to reach Kolhapur from prominent cities like Mumbai (379 kms), Pune (230 kms), Hyderabad (551 kms), Golden Triangle (216 kms), Kullu Manali (348 kms), Trivandrum (342 kms). Tourist bus services offer many deluxe and AC luxury buses to and from Kolhapur. The city is connected with various small and big cities through well maintained road networks. Travelling by deluxe and Luxury AC buses offer comfortable journey for tourists. Most of these deluxe buses, operated by both private and state owned transport services are available from all major cities to Kolhapur.

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