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Kochi is located on the south-western coastline and this city experiences hot and humid climate for most part of the year. Kochi is one of the most favorable tourist destinations of Kerala.

You can plan a visit to Kochi during the post monsoon months of October and February. However, the peak season to travel is between October and April, when hot and light drizzles with mild temperature condition could not get more agreeable. Also these months are perfect for outdoor explorations, houseboat vacations, beach activities and exploring in and around the region. Along with this you can enjoy the various festivals held at the place. The monsoon season is not apt for tourists because you options are limited to visiting the attractions of the city and it would not be great idea to go out as the area receives very heavy rainfall, bringing a halt to normal life, whereas those who love the monsoon showers can enjoy the best during this period.


Winters –October –February –winters are the best time to plan a visit to Kochi. With moderate and cold climatic conditions the city is perfect for touring Kochi and enjoying water sports on its various beaches.


Summers – March – June –summers are warm and begin in the month of March and last until June. The temperature usually fluctuates within 230 C - 310 C thus making surroundings quite warm.


Monsoon –June–September– the city receives abundant showers during these months, which make the use of rain gears essential. On a plus side the scenic beauty of the place, drenched in rains, is worth watching.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
The most favorable tourist destination - Kochi offers warm days and cool nights in the month of January. It is considered as one of the best months for taking up Kochi tour packages. You can enjoy and experience all types of tourist activities that this place has to offer. Beach activities and visits to nearby forts can be best enjoyed in this duration.
February Pleasant
February comes with warm sunny days and nights, making the climate pleasant to move around the city. You can explore nearby attractions and enjoy outdoor activities, as the climate is dry all day long. It is one of the best months for enjoying houseboat vacations and taking up beach activities. However, hotel rates are usually high due to February being the peak tourist’s season.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With the beginning of this month the summer season is on the peak, thus heating up the surroundings. Though, this is not an issue for the travelers coming from the cold region, as the conditions are still within the comfort zone. March is the last month to plan a trip to Kochi, before the extreme summers set in. Tourists can indulge in sightseeing and backwater exploration.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
April is counter among the hottest months of the year. The days are sultry while the nights are tiring too. If you can bear the hot weather then beach activities can be a good option. It is highly recommend carrying sun protective gears and wearing light cotton clothes to protect yourself from strong sun rays.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
The rising level of mercury and the scorching sun make this month the hottest month of the year. May has very dry climate and the temperatures are bit uncomfortable for outdoor expeditions. People who are comfortable with the heat can move around to explore the city’s beauty, whereas planning for any activity outdoors can be troublesome.
June Rainy
With the beginning of this month tourists get relief from the tiring summers. Heavy monsoon rains make the atmosphere humid and moderately hot. There are chances that these heavy rains may hinder your journey, as because of the water clogging on the roads, travelling becomes difficult. This is not a good time for planning a visit to Kochi but for rain lovers and nature enthusiasts this can be a great place to enjoy their holidays.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July month experiences maximum amount of rainfall, making it difficult for tourists to enjoy beach activities. Also due to increased monsoon showers, the level of humidity increases and going out can be tricky. This period is good for those who like rain, the serene beauty and the peace that the place offers during this season.
August Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This season is at last the end of monsoons. The nature has special attraction in August after the heavy rains. It brings the highly celebrated festivity of the place - Onam, which is very beautifully celebrated by the native people and can be a great tourist attraction. This month may not be the best time for outdoor visits but ideal for those want to enjoy the exquisiteness of nature.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
September is the month that invites maximum tourists. The temperate climate offers a tranquil beauty to the region. This month brings with itself the flora and lush green landscapes after the heavy monsoons. It is also a Malayalam Shravan month, which draws many tourists to this place.
October Pleasant
This month entails intermittent post monsoon showers. The weather is pleasing and is considered good for outings and going to places of interest. This time can be good for couples for indulging themselves in activities like boat cruise, fishing, and swimming.
November Pleasant
In this month the warmth of sun offers pleasant days and makes nights perfect for beach trip. November offers the best days for tourist activities in and around the region. Besides, it is also the best time for sightseeing and backwater explorations etc. You can enjoy the best time on your trip to Kochi, along with friends and family.
December Pleasant
December has very calm and pleasantly cold weather. For those who look forward to explore the natural attractions within and around Kochi. This month is one of the best, with the days offering warmth to move around and enjoy, while the nights offering the coolness to stay inside and make your trip a memorable experience. Cochin Carnival and Tourism fair are also held in December.

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