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Bejeweled with ethereal landscape, Khandala lures tourists with its bracing weather and impressive scenery.

Blessed with abundant natural exquisiteness and away from the control of industrialization, Khandala is amongst the most favorable tourist spots. The mini hill station can be visited at any time of the year. Weather in summers is soothing with temperature around 32 ?C, making it favorable for outdoor activities. Tourists who wish to spend their holidays in this beautiful hill station can head out for activities, like horse ridding, trekking, as well the scenic beauty of the place is worth watching. On the other hand, the monsoon months bring in heavy rainfall and drench the whole area. For those who look forward to relax and move away from the bustling city life, Khandala has everything to make your trip delightful. Winters in Khandala are quite cold as the temperature dips down considerably, thus carrying light woolens is advised. For couples on honeymoon, this is an ideal time to enjoy with your beloved.


Winters –October –February – winters here begin in the month of October with an average temperature around 12°C. For couples, tourists and vacationers this is a good time to holiday in Khandala.


Summers – March – May –summers here mark their presence in the month of March and last till May end. Though the temperature is expected to rise, the weather is comfortable and inviting for outdoor plans.


Monsoon –June– August–June brings in the monsoon season. Khandala witnesses moderate to heavy showers that completely drench the city and the place looks even more amazing. For rain lovers this is a good time to holiday.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
January witnesses pleasing weather and cold ambiance. For tourists this is the perfect month to head out for excursion and for discovering the numerous sights of Khandala. Days are sunny accompanied by cool breeze, while nights are cold, which make the use of warm clothes necessary. For tourists who wish to plan an ideal vacation with family and friends, this month is a good choice.
February Moderately cold
Moderately cold
February has bright warm days, whereas evenings and nights are expected to be cold. Mostly tourists prefer this weather, as they have the benefit of enjoying various outdoor attractions and peaceful surroundings, which make your trip enriched with beautiful memories. For those who wish to take up exciting activities, water sports are a good choice to opt for.
March Pleasant
March witnesses hot sunny days, thus brining in the warm summer season. Temperature in Khandala begins to increase, but evenings are much pleasant. One can check out major attractions as well as enjoy water sports. On a plus side the cool breeze from the hills makes the evenings more favorable for tourists to enjoy a visit to local markets. Moreover, horse riding in this season can be fun.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
In this month summers begin to make the town hot. With increasing temperature the days become a bit uncomfortable to venture out, thus wearing light cotton clothes and applying sun tan lotions is a must in this season. The evenings are enjoyable and offer pleasant warmth. Tourists can enjoy the natural splendors which make this town a perfect destination for vacations.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Summers in May are usually warm accompanied with bright sunlit days. Besides the increasing temperature, weather is within comfortable zone. For those who are planning a visit to Khandala in this month, make sure you carry sun gears to avoid the hot and sultry summers. Water sports are the best outdoor activity to enjoy at this point of time.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
During this month temperature ascends, whereas the nights are pleasing. For tourists who enjoy rainy season, this period is a perfect delight, as the monsoons arrive by mid June which gives a relief from the sweltering summers. Initially the sporadic rainfall drenches the city and the region appears beautiful with lush greenery, accompanied with beautiful lakes and hills. For tourists, this is an ideal time to rejuvenate and enjoy holidaying with friends.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July has monsoons at its peak, making this the wettest month. At first the minimal downpour takes place, but over the time the heavy monsoon showers cover the city thus reducing the chances to enjoy outdoor activities. However, the town looks amazing and for nature enthusiasts, this is a perfect month to enjoy an ideal vacation. Make sure you carry rain gears during your trip.
August Pleasant
With the beginning of this month monsoons start to fade away, thus offering a relief from the heavy downpour. You can enjoy the clear blue sky with cool breeze; however you may witness frequent rains in the evening. It is a good time for outdoor excursions and to explore the city after being drenched by rain.
September Pleasant
This month has the most pleasing weather as the rains have stopped. The days look fresh and bright, whereas the nights are quite cold because of its location. This month invites tourists to enjoy the blossoming natural beauty and other local attractions. On a plus side, you can avail Khandala tour packages at a lowered price during this time.
October Pleasant
October is the best month to plan a visit to Khandala. As days bring in fresh sunrays and cloudless skies, the beauty of the hills is at its peak. This month witnesses maximum influx of tourists and is often tagged as the peak tourist month. Visiting various attractions and taking up activities like horse riding or paragliding can be fun.
November Pleasant
Weather in this month is quite cold with cool breeze from the sea offering a refreshing ambiance. Temperature is expected to drop, thus it is recommended that you carry your woolens along with you. This month observes celebration of many festivals; tourists can participate and enjoy the beautiful culture of Khandala. For adventure enthusiasts, November offers activities like trekking and water related sports, which are enjoyable in this season.
December Pleasant
December is the most awaited month of the year. With pleasing days and moderate cold climate this month attracts tourists to plan a visit to Khandala time and again. Lowering temperature makes the atmosphere cold, thus carrying warm clothes is recommended. This month witnesses maximum influx of tourists and tour packages are available at a feasible cost, thus making this time perfect for honeymoon trips and family vacations at Khandala.

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