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Scattered Clouds
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Climate of Khajuraho is dominated by cool winters and hot summers, while the best season for planning a visit to this incredible town is during the months of October till March.

Khajuraho is a prominent tourist destination, dotted with grand temples and marvelous structures. Experiencing continental climatic conditions, this region is best visited during the months of October to March. Days are warm, while nights are cold in these months. During day time the weather is extremely pleasant and perfect for planning sightseeing trips and visiting incredible attractions located all around this place. The famous dance festival is also celebrated during the month of February, which attracts amazing dancers who present incredible performances in front of a huge crowd of visitors. Summer season starts in April and continues till June. It is the least preferred time for visiting Khajuraho, due to the extremely hot climate. The month of July marks the beginning of monsoon season, which lasts till the month of September. Although the weather remains pleasant in this season, but heavy and unpredictable rainfall can disrupt your travel plans.


December to February – Continental climate of Khajuraho makes the days comparatively warmer than nights, which are quite cold and chilly. Pleasant weather and the famous dance festival organized during this time attract a lot of visitors.


March to May – summer season in Khajuraho is extreme, as the temperature can reach up to 47°C. Scorching heat can get unbearable during day time, making this time less favorable for planning outdoor visits in this region.


June to August – Heavy rainfall and increase in humidity levels is witnessed in Khajuraho during monsoon season. The entire landscape becomes even more alluring as pleasant monsoon showers bring out the impeccable beauty of its monuments and temples.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
January is one of the coldest months; however the weather during this month remains pleasant. The temperature does not dip too much and is comfortable for travelling around and exploring the magnificent attractions located in this region. Day time weather is generally warm, while the nights can become quite chilly. Carry along winter clothes to stay warm especially during evening and night time.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February experiences cold weather, however it is less extreme than the earlier month. Carrying light woolens is recommended to stay comfortable. It is also during this month that the famous dance festival is held. Organized in the open auditorium at Chitragupta temple, this annual event attracts dancers and visitors from near and far. Tourists can become a part of this yearly extravaganza and enjoy some finest dance performances.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Summer season starts in the month of March. As the temperature begins to rise, the days and nights become quite hot. However, the weather is still bearable and good for carrying out various activities, like sightseeing. As the dance festival extends to a few days of March, thus a lot of tourist activity is witnessed during this month as well.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Temperature continues to rise further during the month of April. Rising heat can lead to discomfort and going out in the scorching sun can become difficult. The arrival of tourists in Khajuraho however does not halt. You can carry long sleeved clothes to keep yourself safe from strong sun rays, if planning any outings or sightseeing trips.
May Extremely Hot
Extremely Hot
The extremely high temperature during the month of May makes this month unfavorable for carrying out any outdoor activities in Khajuraho. Thus, summer season should better be avoided if planning a trip to this famous place. It can become inconvenient for tourists to visit outdoor attractions due to high heat and humidity.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Monsoon season begins in June, providing the much needed relief from the extremely hot climate experienced in earlier months. Heavy rainfall, accompanied with strong winds brings respite. However, it can also increase the level of humidity, thus leading to discomfort. Major attractions of Khajuraho are located outdoors and visiting these places can become difficult due to heavy rain.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
Heavy rainfall continues to make the weather pleasant, but high level of humidity can make the climate uncomfortable at times. Not many people prefer to visit Khajuraho during this time and thus tourist activity is almost negligible. It might not be possible to enjoy outdoor trips, as unpredictable rain can lash this region anytime and disrupt your travel plans.
August Pleasant
The month of August marks the end of monsoon season. Although heavy rainfalls are not witnessed during this time, but occasional showers can interrupt your outings and travel plans. That is why planning outdoor visits should better be avoided during this time. However, the weather is convenient enough to visit nearby places and enjoy other activities.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Although the monsoon season has ended, the humidity present in the atmosphere can make it difficult to enjoy your trips conveniently. Planning sightseeing trips around this region might not be a feasible idea. It is better to avoid making plans to spend your vacations in this region, as the hot and humid climate post monsoon season can seem uncomfortable to many.
October Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The weather during the month of October remains moderately hot, leading to uneasiness at times. Visiting local attractions and temples might not be convenient, due to high temperature. Tourists, especially elder people, might start feeling discomfort when travelling extensively in this kind of climate. However, the overall weather is more pleasant, as compared to earlier months.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Winter season starts in November and tourists can expect to be welcomed by a more pleasant climate during this time. The winter season experienced in this region is not so extreme. Normally warm days are followed by pleasantly cold nights. This time is good for planning outdoor activities. Visiting the numerous world renowned sites located in and around Khajuraho is a good idea.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
Winter season sets in by this time. The weather does not become too extreme even in this month; still carrying warm clothes is recommended to stay comfortable during evenings and night time. The temperate and climate does not pose much difficulty while travelling around Khajuraho in this season. Rather it can make your trip more enjoyable and pleasing.

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