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Kathgodam is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand state. Mild and temperate type of climate can be witnessed in the terrain of Kathgodam mostly throughout the year. Cool breezes blow all across the region, making every season ideal to visit this pl


December to February- The maximum temperature during the daytime in winters is roughly around 25°C. January is the coldest month of the winter season. Light winter clothing is required to ensure comfortable stay.


April to June- The days are cool and pleasant as the average temperature during daytime does not exceed 30°C, even on the peak summer days. Nights are a bit chilly as the mercury drops down to around 15°C.


July to September- Mild to moderate amount of rain showers are received in this region. The mercury dips even further and the months of October and November are extremely pleasant; thus attracting maximum number of tourists.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
The cold and windy days of January make it an exuberating period to indulge in an exciting trip to Kathgodam. Wintry weather can be best enjoyed by planning day outs and exploring the amazing attractions of this region. Carrying light woolens is advisable to stay warm. It is a perfect time when you can plan a trip to Kathgodam and have non-stop holiday fun.
February Pleasant
Pleasant days with clear blue skies make February a blissful month for holidaying in Kathgodam. This can be an amiable time for nature lovers as the hilly region is full of natural vistas and the cool environs will add more pleasure to your day outs. The daytime temperatures are cool enough for excursions, but you still need to carry winter wears for staying comfortable.
March Pleasant
With a blend of sparkling sun and clear skies, all days of March offer an ideal time for indulging in a wide array of outdoor activities. The pleasant weather is adorable to spend outdoors and you can visit plenty of shrines for which Kathgodam is famous or explore some natural attractions to discover panoramic vistas. All days of this month are good for holidaying.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
April brings along pleasantly warm days, so most of the tourists will undoubtedly appreciate this city as the best destination to escape summer heat. Almost all days are accompanied by mild climate, making it convenient for touring across this sacred town. This time is best to wander around the mountain ranges and follow the narrow paths for a leisurely exploration.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
When summers become scorching in other regions, March arrives with moderate climate in Kathgodam, offering an ideal destination to beat the rising temperatures. One should not miss this period when you can climb up the moorlands to capture spectacular panoramas or pay homage at the most popular shrines of this city. Hotels and resorts here also provide special offers and discounts.
June Moderately Hot-Rainy
Moderately Hot-Rainy
Monsoon season arrives in Kathgodam in the month of June, but it is unlike other places. Rains here are erratic and monsoon showers arrive for a very short period of time. Intermittent rains are often followed by clear blue skies, making it essential for tourists to check the weather forecast before venturing out to explore the wonderful attractions of this place.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July beautifies the city with light showers and significant hours of sunshine. The region is fully accessible in monsoons and becomes more enjoyable with its natural exquisiteness. This is the time to move to highlands where you can catch amazing views of lush green mountains and enjoy mesmerizing drops of rain, making it an ideal time to enjoy memorable moments at this place.
August Rainy
August literally enhances the untouched beauty of this green city, proffering showers for minimal hours in a day without disrupting your outdoor plans. You will find diverse range of flora and fauna at this time, so discovering the natural sights would be the best option for nature lovers during this monsoon period. Just make sure to carry your rain gears.
September Rainy
Bursting clouds still welcome sightseers in September, but sunlit days make holiday trips more pleasurable. It is an idyllic time to visit Kathgodam, especially to get discounted monsoon deals and observe the scenic beauty of this verdant town. You can expect a perfect combination of picturesque sights, delectable delicacies and excellent weather, making your trip to this region all the more enjoyable.
October Pleasant
Mercury dips in this fabulous town, as monsoons set off. Tourists can witness cool and pleasant climate at this time of the year. You can enjoy outdoor trips for much longer durations and cover almost any attraction around the city, whether its uplands or lowlands. Light woolens will be required as nights can be quite cold in contrast to sun-drenched days of this month.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
November is a great time for a winter break in Kathgodam, when the weather is tremendously pleasing. Hours of daylight are soothing enough to enjoy outings contentedly in the city and indulge in other exciting activities offered in this region. Travelling to this wonderful destination in this month is very gratifying, as you get a chance to explore its incomparable beauty.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December marks the advent of chilly days and even cooler nights. Calm mornings are intended to visit attractive places, like shrines and other monumental structures, while after sunset it is advisable to stay indoors and relish the delectable cuisine of this region, as the weather might be too cold to venture out. Do pack your heavy woolens to stay warm in winters.

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