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Partly Cloudy
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Kashid, a beach town in Maharashtra, enjoys moderate type of climate and can be visited anytime during the year. The best months to visit Kashid are from October to March to enjoy the scenic beauty along with fine sands of the beaches.


December to February- During winter season the weather stays pleasant and cool. Beautiful beaches of Kashid can be visited in these months, but due to low temperature it is not ideal to take bath in the beaches.


March to June- The days are warm and sunny, while the nights are cool. The average temperature during the day is around 32°C. Plenty of tourists visit Kashid during this season to enjoy sightseeing.


June to August- With the onset of monsoon the mercury dips down further. The average temperature during the day is around 24°C and at night it is around 20°C. Moderate amount of rainfall is received and humidity is high.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
January is an ideal month to visit Kashid, which is a suburb of Alibaug. This is the best time to visit the beaches of this tropical region, famed for its vivacious crystalline water and white sand. Nature lovers can not only enjoy the breezy winds around the beaches, but also click some dazzling shots of backwaters. Good weather of this month is ideal for exploration.
February Pleasant
If you are looking to spend a luxurious holiday, with days full of sunshine followed by stunning nights at a sea resort, then September is the period to make this dream come true. Weather is perfect at this time, which is not too warm or too cold; thus, making this month ideal to indulge in all kinds of water sports.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
With the beginning of March, this coastal region experiences a slight rise in the temperature. Gentle winds still blow, making the climate cool and soothing. This is a great time for travelling to this exotic destination, which is full of picturesque beaches. Pleasant climate makes it convenient to explore the region and enjoy sunbathing at its pristine beaches for an unforgettable experience.
April Very hot
Very hot
April is summer time in Kashid, accompanied by long hours of sunshine and short cold nights. If you are planning summer holidays here, then you can enjoy visiting the most beautiful seashores of Indian coastline, along with staying at sea lodges which have world class amenities. Dusk is the best to venture out, while nights can be enjoyed camping at beaches.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Weather is warm and dry all through this month. If your holiday plan is to simply unwind on a beach, then this period might not be favorable. However, you can avail discounts on tour packages and accommodations in July. It is a good to relax and enjoy food and drinks during daytime, while evenings are ideal for planning city tours and spending time on cool beaches.
June Rainy
June arrives with monsoon showers and there tends to be little humidity in the atmosphere. A coastal area like Kashid can get less crowded during this period, due to humid weather conditions. Thus most travelers do not consider it a good time for planning a visit. It is also advisable to avoid wandering around seashores during rains due to the safety concerns.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July is a monsoon month in Kashid with a mix of sunshine and cloudy skies. Those who like to get wet in rains can truly have a great time holidaying at this beautiful destination. Budget travelers can also get discounts on hotel deals in monsoon season. Carrying umbrella and wearing light cotton clothes is advisable when venturing out for daytrips.
August Rainy
Being a coastal region, weather of Kashid is dominated by bustling rains, occasionally accompanied by glinting rays of sun. This is considered a good time to visit this city and enjoy its picturesque environs in pleasant downpours. The hotels and resorts located here also offer special offers and packages, so you can enjoy a comfortable stay, while relishing the freshest seafood and experiencing unforgettable nightlife.
September Pleasant
As September arrives with gentle breeze, sizzling heat could now be expected to descend swiftly. Greenery of palm and coconut trees adorns the region at this time of the year. One needs to be careful while visiting seashores during rains. This month is best for enjoying picturesque views offered by must visit destinations of this region and relish the flavors of seafood.
October Pleasant
October is a pleasant month which attracts sea lovers to spend exciting beach holidays in Kashid. For nature lovers, there are loads of spectacular beaches where you can relax, sightsee or spend quiet moments. One can see green coconut and palm trees shading the beaches, offering an ideal time to sit on the rocks and enjoy mesmerizing sights of azure sea.
November Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The month of November marks the advent of winter season, accompanied by cool days and chilling evenings. During this season Kashid allows the visitors to enjoy the beauty of its wonderful beaches and visit the attractions majestically resting on seashores. As the breezy weather is inviting in this month, it is considered a good time to visit Kashid for holidaying.
December Very cold
Very cold
In this winter month, the days will be pleasantly mild and quite blustery as well. It is a good period for visiting Kashid as mornings will be very comfortable. Cool climate and gusty winds mean you can not only spend more time on seashores but also explore the region as per your convenience. Visiting this tropical region is a huge delight in itself.

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