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A gorgeous hill station in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli presents the charm of a tranquil tourist destination. Due to its location this tiny locale is blessed with pictorial landscapes, magnificent natural beauty and temperate weather.

Kasauli is a place with unpredictable weather. It is very difficult to analyze the climatic condition for the next hour. Though, earlier the best time to visit Kasauli was considered between April to November. Today with the shifted climatic cycle there is no particular season left which could be defined as the best time to visit. October has pleasing weather condition and is considered the perfect time by maximum travelers for holidaying at Kasauli. For those who love festivals, this place offers Winter Carnival, which is celebrated in the month of February, Mandi Shivaratri in March and Manimahesh fair in August. These are the festivals that are celebrated with great gaiety and fervor. Apart from this, the summer months, from March to mid June, can also be considered by tourists who wish to enjoy touring in Kasauli. The weather during these months is till pleasant and offers a good chance to enjoy the scenic beauty Kasauli is blessed with.


Winters –November –February – winters are cold and are sometimes accompanied with snowfall. Temperature ranges between 5°C to 16°C which makes this place perfect for holidaying.


Summers – March – June – summers are pleasant with warm days and cool nights. This place is perfect for enjoying family vacations, camping and wildlife as the weather is mild.


Monsoon –July–September–monsoons in Kasauli witness moderate to heavy downpour. The exotic climate of the place sums up as a refreshing treat for the tourists.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
In the month of January the place experiences very cold climate. With the dip in the mercury level, it makes the place even more chilly and attractive. The snow clad mountains, dense forests and lush flora attribute to the beauty of this hill station. This is an ideal month for enjoying honeymoon trips. It is recommended that you carry heavy woolens.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
This month witnesses similar weather like the other winter months. Though, the climactic condition can be unpleasantly cold at times, primarily this can be a good time for visiting the picturesque hill station of Kasauli. February is the perfect time for enjoying various tourist attractions. Also you can enjoy the Winter Carnival that is held in this month. It is important to wear appropriate warm clothes.
March Pleasant
March has a very pleasing and romantic climate, thus making it one of the most suitable months for tourism in Kasauli. The days are pleasant while nights are a bit cool but this is an enjoyable time for sighting attractions. You can also take up adventurous activities. It is preferable that you wear light woolen garments to stay warm.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month offers a great opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun along with the cool breeze in the hills of Kasauli. In this month the temperature rises and you can experience moderate climate. It also marks the beginning of summer season. It is a good time for taking up holiday packages and enjoying adventure sports, like paragliding and trekking. Light cotton clothing is recommended.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
May has moderately hot weather as compared to April. The increase in heat makes the days bit warm, while the temperature drops down during nights. It is considered as one of the best months for enjoying vacations and a great time for outdoor trips. It is suggested that one must carry warm clothes because it can become quite cold at night.
June Pleasant
This month is accompanied by hot summer days but nights are relatively cooler. Due to temperate climate, this month is favorable for visiting the local attractions. Visitors can enjoy sightseeing, outings, adventure and other tourist activities. Also this month brings monsoon, which starts from the end of this month offering light showers.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
At the beginning of this month monsoon is on the peak. This place experiences scanty to medium rainfall, still the climate is very pleasant. The slashing torrents, the enchanting alpine meadows and very tall blizzard enclosed peaks provide an everlasting delight to the tourists. You are suggested to take your rain wears along in monsoon months.
August Pleasant
This month is the wettest month of the year that entails heavy rainfall all throughout the day time. This month has very pleasant and comfortable climate and is apt for visitors to enjoy outside views, as the valley looks extremely scenic in rains. It is the perfect time for enjoying the amazing exquisiteness of environment. Though this month experiences less tourist visits, it is ideal for rain lovers.
September Pleasant
September brings very light showers, ensuring the end of monsoon season. The weather is very pleasant and soothing as well the surroundings look very attractive and picturesque. Lush mountains and clear blue sky offer a mesmerizing view to the tourists. It is a good time for enjoying your vacations in Kasauli with your family and loved ones.
October Pleasant
October is the month that declares the commencement of winter season. This month gains the maximum tourist interest. It is regarded as one of the best months for tourism in Kasauli. The pleasant weather at daytime is accompanied by beautiful sunshine, while nights can be cool. Visiting Kasauli during this time can make your trip unforgettable.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The weather conditions in this month are quite cold, the days being pleasant with good amount of sunshine, while temperature dips down during nights and make them chilly. The roads are flanked by beautiful towering trees that tend to appear as green umbrellas. Walking through this imposing greenery is an amazing experience, making Kasauli a popular picnic spot. Make sure you carry warm clothes.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
December has very cold and frigid weather. Tourists who take pleasure in visiting the hill station during winters, for them the perfect destination to spend their best time is Kasauli. It is blessed with many trekking routes that reveal some of the most exotic hideouts and offer panoramic views of the natural surroundings. It is an enjoyable month for taking up honeymoon trips. Carrying heavy woolens is a must.

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