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Located near the Palar River at its western banks, Kanchipuram lies in Tamil Nadu. This city houses many marvelous temples and is a popular pilgrimage spot for devotees. This city is regarded as one of the sacred cities in India.

Period that lies between the months of October till March is regarded as the best time for planning a visit to Kanchipuram. This is a time when the temperature remains ideal for indulging in different outdoor activities and for visiting various sightseeing spots. Monsoon month offers heavy showers which make it a perfect time for rain lovers to plan their visit. Temperature remains pleasant in this season to enjoy different attractions that the city has to offer. Kanchipuram looks magnificent in the rainy season. Summer season offers warm climate with the temperature varying between 21°C to 37°C. Different festive celebrations make the months of the summer season preferred ones for planning a trip. These are regarded as an ideal months for planning budget holiday. Tourists can choose the season that suits them best and enjoy their vacation to the maximum by visiting Kanchipuram at the preferred time of the year.


October to February- With the temperature ranging between 19°C to 29°C, weather remains cold when compared to other cities in the south. Clouds keep the sky covered for most part of the day in this season.


March to May- With the maximum temperature soaring up to 40°C and the minimum temperature remaining around 18°C, weather remains comfortably warm. Different outdoor activities can be enjoyed in these months.


June to September- Heavy rainfall marks the beginning of this season with cool wind accompanying them. Beauty of Kanchipuram can be enjoyed by the rain lovers in this month.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The month of January offers comfortably cold climate that is perfect to celebrate the festival of Brahmothsavam with enthusiasm. The celebration continues for a period of 10 days and this festival is celebrated to honor Lord Varadaraja. Grand processions are taken out to mark the festive celebrations. Tourists can also become a part of this procession and seek Lords blessing.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
A 21 day long festival Masi Mahotsavm marks the beginning of the month of February. During this festival the city remains in a festive mood throughout the month. Tourists should plan their visit in this month to enjoy the celebrations. Different tourist attractions can also be enjoyed by the visitors. A visit to different temples can be an enriching experience.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
An increase in the temperature is observed during this month which marks the beginning of the summer season. To honor Lord Shiva, festival of Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with devotion. Women and young girls fast during this festival to mollify the deity. Different religious celebrations are also witnessed in this month which is carried out with great pomp and show.
April Hot
Weather during the month of April remains hot, but different outdoor activities such as visiting various temples like the Kaliasanathar Temple, Kachapeshwarar Temple and the Vaikunta Perumal Temple can be planned. These temples offer an enriching experience for religiously inclined people. The Garudothsavam festival is celebrated with much gaiety and travelers can become a part of the celebrations.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
During the month of May, summer season remains at its peak. Light cotton clothes are preferred by the tourists around this time. The famous Chariot festival is held in this month during which idol of Lord Varadaraja Perumal is carried on chariots made of wood. With the chanting of Vishnu mantra a magical world is experienced by the devotees.
June Hot
Pre monsoon showers are experienced in this month but the weather still remains warm. People who are planning a budget holiday can plan their trip in this month as various types of discounts are offered by different hotels. Carrying along umbrella is regarded as a wise decision and people prefer loose cotton clothes during this time.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Month of July marks the onset of monsoon season. Kanchipuram experiences heavy monsoon showers which increases the beauty of the region. A visit to the Ekambeshwar temple which is regarded as the most imposing temple of the region can be planned during this time. An impressive feature of this temple remains the 1000 lingams that are carved out of a single stone.
August Rainy
With the presence of rains, a dip in the temperature is observed which makes the weather pleasant. Rain lovers can enjoy their visit during this month and explore the nearby places. Animal lovers can visit the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary that lies in the vicinity. This park is visited by a large number of migratory birds which makes it one of the biggest bird sanctuaries of the country.
September Rainy
Occasional showers are observed in this month, which makes the climate pleasant. Tourists can enjoy the local seafood or the south Indian cuisine for which Kanchipuram is famous. Different restaurants offer multi cuisines that can be savored by the visitors. Tourists can also enjoy the local flavors by visiting dhabas that offer delicious and economical food.
October Pleasant
With the beginning of the month of October, beginning of winter season is marked. Tourists in large number throng the city to enjoy its pleasant weather. Tourists can visit different attractions and enjoy themselves. The Navaratri festival is celebrated by decorating temples and different Goddess with ornaments and this festival is celebrated for 9 days at a stretch.
November Pleasant
Tourists can plan their trip in the month of November to enjoy the Silk Tourism Festival that is celebrated during this time. Tourists can indulge in shopping of the finest silk that is regarded as specialty of Kanchipuram. Different artifacts can also be purchased from the fair. This month is regarded as an ideal time for planning the trip.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Month of December offers comfortable cold climate. Calm environment and beautiful scenery of the city can be enjoyed by the travelers in this month. With beautifully carved temples, this place remains a delight for heritage lovers. Different tales that surrounds these temples fascinate the pilgrimage. All these attractions make Kanchipuram the city of choice on the travelers list.

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