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Scattered Clouds
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The city of Kalimpong offers pleasant weather throughout the year therefore it can be visited in any month. But the most favorable time is from the month of March to the month of May.

The peace and serenity of Kalimpong attracts the attention of tourists towards itself. This hill station is a perfect tourist destination and should be ideally visited in the months of March to June or from September to December. For those people who are seeking some relief from the scorching heat, winter season is the best time to visit Kalimpong. River rafting can also be enjoyed during this time. Different festive celebrations occur during these months and the weather conditions in these months are also comfortable and favorable. During the winter season, this hill station experience chilling days followed by equally chilled nights. Therefore before planning a trip to Kalimpong, make sure that you are well equipped with all the necessity items that may be required during your stay at the hill station.


December to February- The winter season offers cool and pleasant weather with the temperature lying between 15°C to sub zero level. This season is best suited for enjoying holidays with friends and family in Kalimpong.


March to May- The summers of Kalimpong are mild with the temperature always remaining below 30°C. The sunny days can be enjoyed by getting involved in different outdoor activities.


June to September- During these months, landslides might occur due to the presence of heavy showers. These can sometimes block the roads, making it difficult for the tourists to travel around.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold, Foggy
Very Cold, Foggy
Kalimpong experiences extremes of temperature. During this month, the winter season is at its peak with the climate being cold and foggy. The mountains are covered with snow for maximum time of the month. People who love adventure can make a visit to Kalimpong with their friends in January and can go for an adventurous journey to the hills.
February Very Cold, Foggy
Very Cold, Foggy
The weather continues to remain foggy and is very cold. During this time weather is still not good to carry out different tourists activities. The Buddhist festival, Losar, is celebrated at a stretch for 15 days in this month. This festival marks the biggest celebrations in the region. While visiting Kalimpong in this month, carrying woolen clothes is highly recommended.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
With the starting of this month, onset of summer season is clearly marked. This month is known as the tourist month. Weather during this time is moderately cold therefore many people prefer to enjoy their honeymoon at this hill station during this time. Different kind of indoor and outdoor activities can be enjoyed during this month.
April Pleasant
This month has mild comfortable climate. This is the perfect time to visit different monasteries, various churches or other tourist attractions that the hill station has to offer. The best that this hill station has to offer can be enjoyed in this month. Many a time’s hotels and resorts offer discounts during this period in order to attract more number of tourists.
May Pleasant
During this month, family vacations can be enjoyed at Kalimpong. The weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. Small children can make the most of this month by getting involved in various kinds of indoor and outdoor activities organized by the resorts owners. This is just the right month to explore Kalimpong and its beauty.
June Rainy
As the monsoon season begins from the month of June, therefore heavy showers are observed during this time. Rainfall can cause landslides, therefore visiting the hill station in this month is not recommended. People who prefer eco tourism can visit this hill station in this month, to view the lush green landscapes of Kalimpong.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The monsoon in Kalimpong can be severe due to the presence of heavy rainfall. Weather remains cold and foggy. This hill station becomes very scenic due to the presence of rains. Rain lovers should plan their trip in this season to enjoy the beauty of this hill station. Carrying umbrella is highly recommended in this month.
August Rainy
The lush greenery of Kalimpong is hard to miss during the monsoon season. Rains are still common in this month, with no or little sign of sunshine. Due to rains, the hill station generally remains enveloped by fog. If small children are travelling along, they should not be allowed to come in contact with the rains.
September Pleasant
Rains usually stop by the starting of this month and travelling to the hill station during this time becomes easy and comfortable. Sightseeing can be best done in the month of September. Various tourist attractions can be enjoyed during this month. Small children can enjoy themselves at the hill station by getting involved in different outdoor sports.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The Dussera festival is celebrated with lot of merry making and enthusiasm by a large number of people. Tourists can also become a part of these celebrations and can enjoy themselves. The weather is not very cold hence indulging in different activities is a good idea during this month. Light warm clothing is recommended during this time.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
Days during this month are beautiful with the sun shining bright. This is the perfect season to plan a visit to Kalimpong. The festival of lights which is Diwali, falls in the month of November and is one of the important festivals that are celebrated in this hill station with much zeal. People generally organize fairs to showcase their talent.
December Very Cold, Foggy
Very Cold, Foggy
This month is the coldest month of the year. A thin layer of fog always surrounds the city, making it much colder. Christmas is the festival that comes in this month. People can enjoy various tourist activities that are organized by the local residents. Carrying along woolen apparels is always a good thing to do.

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