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Located in the heart of Shimoga district of the Karnataka state, Jog Falls experiences tropical kind of climate throughout the year. The months from June to December are best suited to visit this region.


November to February- During winter season the days are warm and sunny and the temperature is around 33°C. On the other hand, the nights are a bit chilly and may require light winter clothing as the temperature drops down to 15°C.


March to May- The days are extremely hot and the average temperature remains around 40°C. The average temperature during nighttime is around 22°C, making the weather quite cool and pleasant.


June to September- The region of Jog Falls receives moderate to heavy rains. The rainy season adds to the beauty of the majestic and cascading waterfalls present here. It is the perfect and the most preferred season to visit Jog Falls to witness the breathtaking beauty of this region.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Climate in January is relatively mild, as the temperature remains within comfortable range. The whole month is ideal for day trips but to enjoy the spectacular sights of the Jog Falls, it might not be an ideal time. For tourists planning to visit this region and explore its incredible beauty it is advised to venture out during daytime, while avoiding going out after dark.
February Pleasant
Weather remains pleasant during the month of February, attracting tourists to this wonderful destination. However, as there is not sufficient water in the falls, thus people prefer to wait till monsoon for planning a visit to this region. You can still visit this place and enjoy the cool ambiance. This is also a good month for visiting nearby attractions of this place.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
March marks the beginning of summers, making it perfect for outdoor trips and picnicking. Tourists can plan day outs and spend some memorable time with their friends and family amidst scenic landscapes. Due to less water, the beauty of the falls might not be at its best. It is still a good time to visit Jog Falls, before the hot weather sets in.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Summer engulfs the region with sunny days, making the region awfully hot. The clear blue skies are accompanied by plenty of sunshine. As the water level at Jog Falls remains low, thus tourists might not be able to view the majesty of this attraction. If you are visiting Jog Falls during this time, then make sure to carry sun protective gears.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
In this month plenty of sunshine makes the days extremely hot. Blazing heat of the sun might make it difficult to enjoy outdoor travels and other activities. If you are planning to visit Jog Falls at this time, do carry an umbrella and sun protective gears to stay safe from the scorching heat. Evenings are comparatively comfortable for venturing out.
June Rainy
Monsoon season arrives in June, making the climate quite pleasant for tourist visits. This month is blessed with sprinkles, intensifying the beauty of this natural wonder. It is the ideal time to visit Jog Falls and explore the splendor of this stunning waterfall. However, due to constant rainfall the surrounding areas can become slippery, thus care should be taken while strolling around this place.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July is a pleasant month, characterized by light showers and cloudbursts. The view of stunning waterfall is very picturesque and awe-inspiring at this time of the year. When gallons of water fall from the cliff, it seems like monsoons have brought these cascading falls to life. Visiting the falls in the afternoon but before sunset is advised, to capture the most amazing views and avoiding any casualties.
August Rainy
This natural marvel experiences constant rainfall till the end of this monsoon month. Jog Falls now will be in full gush, offering a golden chance that no nature lover would like to miss. You can capture mesmerizing sights in your camera and witness the beauty of this wonder, which is at its peak during this time. Being careful is advised as the surroundings can get slippery.
September Rainy
September offers comfortable weather with pleasant mornings and clear nights. Intermittent rains make it easier to observe the exquisiteness of this marvel cascading over the rocky walls. If you want to capture the breathtaking sight of rainbow close to the waterfall, then visit in the afternoon and catch this beautiful view. Surroundings can still be slippery here, so avoid late evenings.
October Pleasant
October brings along sunny days, sometimes accompanied by pretty showers. This month is ideal for visiting this amazing location and experiencing the panoramic vistas. During this time, you can even go near the base of this waterfall and enjoy a dip in refreshing water. But do come back before nightfall, since venturing near the falls after dark is not considered safe.
November Pleasant
Winter grips the region in November, making days pleasant and short, while the nights are comparatively colder. This winter month is lovely for outdoor trips. You can get your cameras and capture its picturesque views in the morning. But as hours of sunshine are less, arrive at waterfall in the afternoon but make sure to leave before sunset, since the remote area can create annoyance.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December is known for its pleasing climate, when days are comfortable enough for enjoying outdoor trips. Best way to spend remarkable time at this scenic location will be sightseeing and picnicking. Come with your loved ones, enjoy lovely sights and then relish a delectable lunch amid cool environs. The days are less foggy but visiting the falls after sunset should be avoided.

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