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Humidity 86% Wind 2 kph (Direction: NW)

Covered by lush forests, Jamtara is a town located in Jharkhand and a perfect place to spend some time amidst pristine natural environs. This region experiences typical tropical monsoon type of climate and winter season is the best time to visit Jamtara.


October to January- The days are cool with the average temperature being around 28°C. The nights are extremely chilly, as the temperature falls down to 1°C.


March to May- The days are quite hot, as the average temperature remains around 41°C. Comparatively, the nights are cooler and the temperature falls down to 16°C. Tourists can enjoy visiting this region during early summer months when the heat is tolerable and perfect for sightseeing.


June to September- Heavy rainfall can be witnessed during the monsoon months. Carrying rain gear is a must if you plan to travel to Jamtara during the rainy season to enjoy the true natural beauty of this region.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
Climate in January is coldest with cool days and chilly nights. As the temperatures drop down to 11°C, the city can become quite cold. It is highly recommended for visitors to pack woolens and warm clothes to stay comfortable. This month is good to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Special care must be taken if travelling with kids or aged people.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February is generally cold, but offers relief from the freezing temperatures. Weather is cool and days are blessed with loads of sunshine, making it pleasant for outdoor travels. This is the best time when you can begin your sightseeing or pilgrimage tour in the region. Nights can still be freezing, thus light woolens are essential to carry while travelling here.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Jamtara has temperate weather all around the month, with sunny days and cool nights. In the beginning of the month, the days are lovely and best for visiting the local attractions. But as the month reaches its end, little rise in temperatures can be seen. Be sure to pack light cotton clothes while planning a visit to Jamtara in summer season.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
The temperature rapidly increases during daytime in April, whereas the nights are still comfortable. Days in this month appear with clear blue skies but due to dry weather, it may not be an ideal month to visit this region. To stay protected from the warm winds, you can move out at evening when the temperature is soothing and appropriate for sightseeing.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
May is the hottest month of the year, when days are fairly warm but as the evenings pass, nights can become a bit cool. If you are visiting the city at this point of year, then do carry light cotton clothes and sun protective gears. Mid-days are very hot, so plan outdoor trips just before sunset and explore the natural beauty of this region.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Jamtara experiences monsoons in the middle of June but earlier days of this month can be really warm. Weather in this month can turn out to be little humid with erratic rains. Clear days are there but in-between rains may disrupt outdoor tours. Local attractions and natural beauty of the region can be best explored in this month through sightseeing.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Rainfall continues to drench the region in July and add to the natural grandeur of this place. Humidity is low during clear blue skies, while cloudy days can be a bit gloomy. For rain lovers, this is the best season to wander around the city and discover the breathtaking attractions. You can also get best holiday packages and hotel stays at affordable rates.
August Rainy
August is a prime monsoon month in Jamtara, when rainy days dominate the climate. This region looks surprisingly amazing and its natural appeal never fails to attract people even in this weather. If you are seeking a wonderful holiday destination, this would be the preferable time to get both luxury and affordability in a holiday trip with a benefit of great discounts.
September Rainy
Monsoon season is at its peak in September and keeps lending a refreshing appeal to the environs. If you love to get wet in rain and enjoy lush greenery, then this is the perfect time to visit Jamtara. Rainy days are also accompanied by bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine and that is what make it an amusing holiday season.
October Pleasant
Experiencing the clear blue skies in October is unquestionably pleasing, when the sun shines dazzlingly. Clouds can be seen playing hide and seek with sun, but there are fewer chances of rains. Overall, this is a beautiful time to unwind in the green locales and visit the awe-inspiring Parwat Vihar Park. Tourists need to pack light clothing as weather is not too cold.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
As the winter season arrives in November, chilly weather attracts many visitors towards this beautiful town. By the start of this month, vacationers begin to flock the region to explore unusual splendors of this city. You can visit all the popular attractions to make it a perfect holiday tour and participate in Chhath Pooja celebrations, which take place during this period.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
The month of December brings along fantastic weather, ideal for holidaying. The cool climate boosts tourism in town and most of the places are crammed with visitors. Winter is an exciting time for sightseeing and indulging in all other outdoor activities. You just need to pack your woolen clothes to tackle the cold temperatures and enjoy a lovely holiday trip.

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