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Humidity 66% Wind 6 kph (Direction: WNW)

Renowned as the first planned city of India, Jamshedpur is located in Jharkhand. Clear skies keep the weather pleasant throughout the year. The climate of Jamshedpur is of tropical wet and dry kind. The best months to visit Jamshedpur are from October to


November to March- The days are not very cold but pleasant, thus attracting a lot of tourists. The temperature during the daytime does not show much variation, while at night it drops down to 6°C. This season is best suited to indulge in sightseeing and outdoor activities.


March to June- The days are hot and the temperature is around 45°C. The temperature falls down to around 22°C during nighttime, making the weather quite cool.


July to September- Heavy rainfall is reported during these months. Nature lovers prefer to visit Jamshedpur during this season, as the scenic beauty of this region can be witnessed in its full charm.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Cold temperatures dominate the city in January, when chilly winds flow and make the days cool and the nights chilling. Morning tours can be enjoyed wearing light cotton clothes, while evening trips are best enjoyed wearing light warm clothes. This month is ideal for sightseeing in Jamshedpur and witnessing cultural events. Makar Sakranti celebrations can also be enjoyed in this month.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February also enjoys mild weather, making it pleasant for sightseeing but temperature can rise with the end of this month. Clear blue skies entertain tourists with loads of sunshine and nights are even more pleasurable. When days are sunny, cool winds blow across the region and make them even more pleasurable for outdoor activities, like sightseeing and covering religious attractions.
March Pleasant
Weather in March gets slightly warmer and begins an ideal period for tourist activities. Skies remain clear with hours of sunshine but temperatures are still bearable for day trips. It is a favorable time to visit various attractions that may include ancient temples and other monumental structures. During this month, the natural beauty of this place is at its best.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Slightly higher temperatures can be observed in the month of April. During this period, days are hot but nights still stay pleasant. Sunny days might be unfit for daytrips, but the temperature is still within bearable range, especially during evenings, allowing you to indulge in sightseeing. Tourists planning holiday tours in this summer month should carry light cotton clothes and sun protective gears.
May Extremely Hot
Extremely Hot
May is the hottest month in Jamshedpur when temperatures may shoot above 30’s. Days become very hot with glaring sun and scorching heat makes them inapt for outdoor tours. Staying indoors is suggested to escape the sizzling temperatures. You can venture out in the evenings and make your trip enjoyable. It’s essential to carry sun protective gear while travelling in this summer month.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Being a summer month, June is quite hot. Extremely hot weather makes it difficult for travelling outdoors. Sunny days continue to make the region hot and likelihood of rains is very less in this month. Drops of rain are expected to drench the region but only in the later days of the month. Good thing is that tourists can get discounted travel deals in this off season.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Southwest monsoon arrives in Jamshedpur in July. Plenty of rainfall and dark clouds make the weather pleasant. These rain filled days offer a relief from hot breeze, allowing tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region. This month endows clear days as well, so you can catch mesmerizing sights of natural attractions here while people who love rains have the whole month to rejoice.
August Rainy
Rainfall in August is amusing not only for locals but visitors as well, making your holidays both enjoyable and comfortable. This is the best time to catch panoramic vistas of this region which are its best during monsoons. Besides this, there are plenty of cultural events you can indulge in during this period, like Teej festival celebrated by locals with grandiosity.
September Pleasant
September is recognized as the month with temperate climate, when one can expect clear days with pleasant nights. Monsoon leaves the region completely by the end of this month, thus enhancing the charm of this place even more. This is the time when you can see natural splendors in profusion and also get travel packages and hotel deals at nominal prices.
October Pleasant
With pleasant and refreshing weather, October is one of the best months for fully enjoying a holiday tour. This is an ideal time to visit natural cascades, manicured gardens, and shrines which are not only beautiful but adorned with amazing charm after being washed by monsoon showers. You can witness the natural sights and enjoy the grand celebrations of Diwali festival.
November Pleasant
November is the most pleasant month of the year in Jamshedpur. During this winter month, you can enjoy both, the festivities and outdoor trips. The city looks beautiful in the early morning, while streetlights illuminate the whole city at night. Tourists can enjoy every sight of the city and also partake in Chhath Pooja that takes place at this time.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Cold spells engulf the region with the arrival of December, but winters here are quite endurable. Carrying light woolens is still recommended to stay warm during day trips. Besides sightseeing, you can also indulge in several events organized in this month. Flower show arranged at Sir Dorabji Tata Park is the highlight of this month that attracts many visitors to the city.

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