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Pleasant winters and hot summers are experienced in this region of Rajasthan, which is famous for its historical value and exotic beauty. Months starting from October till March are the best for visiting Jaisalmer.

The land of golden dunes, colorful festivities and vibrant history, Jaisalmer is a favorite holiday destination among national and international tourists. For experiencing the incredible beauty of its majestic forts, enormous havelis and lavish palaces, winter is definitely the best season. Beginning from November till February, this season witnesses influx of innumerable tourists, enjoying sightseeing trips and other outdoor activities in Jaisalmer. The famous Desert festival is also celebrated during the month of February, offering tourists a chance to become a part of this grand and magnificent event. From March till August is the summer season which is better avoided, as the temperature during these months can get unbearably hot, reaching up to 42°C. Monsoon season in Jaisalmer continues from Sep to Oct. The rainfall is not too severe and generally ranges from medium to low in intensity. Increase in humidity level can make it uncomfortable for tourists to enjoy their trip.


November to February – Dry and cold climate during winter season is considered ideal for travelling in Jaisalmer, as the temperature does not go beyond 24°C. Visiting local palaces and temples is the most preferred activity to enjoy in this pleasant weather.


March to August – Extremely hot climate is witnessed during summer season with temperature reaching up to 45°C. However pleasant weather during evenings and nights is ideal for the tourists to enjoy the spectacular beauty of clear night sky.


September to October – Light to medium rainfall is witnessed during monsoon season, leading to a slight rise in humidity level. Usually barren desert is adorned by greenery in this season, offering delightful views to tourists.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
Cool and pleasant climate experienced during day time makes this month ideal for spending an unforgettable time in Jaisalmer. Tourists can visit this amazing place with their friends, family and partners and enjoy sightseeing, desert safaris and other adventures that Jaisalmer has to offer. As the nights can get quite cold, light woolens are required to keep you comfortable.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Clear sky and shining sun make the days quite pleasant in February. Slight chill can be felt during day and night time, making this a good season for planning a sightseeing trip to Jaisalmer and indulge in plenty of other interesting activities. Carrying light woolens is suggested, especially if travelling with children and elderly people.
March Pleasant
The pleasant weather and picturesque views of Jaisalmer attract a lot of tourists during the month of March, as it is a perfect time for indulging in sightseeing, shopping expeditions and adventure activities. Cool breeze makes the days really pleasing to explore many intriguing facets of this place, before the summer season arrives at the month’s end.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Warm winds replace the cool breeze as the temperature starts to rise with the arrival of summer season in April. Hot and dry climate witnessed during this month is not preferred by many, as the temperature can go beyond their comfort level. Those planning to visit Jaisalmer for sightseeing or other activities should make necessary provisions to stay safe from scorching sun.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
May is among the hottest months that Jaisalmer experiences during summer season. Heat wave and soaring temperature can make this weather unbearable for many, leading to problems like sun stroke. This is why it is not considered a good time for planning a trip to Jaisalmer. However, holiday packages can be availed at much lower prices as hotels start offering discounts.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Temperature is brought down, as the blazing sun is partially covered by clouds. However, the weather in the month of June is still not considered comfortable for planning outdoor activities. Not many people visit Jaisalmer during this time and prefer to wait for the monsoon season to arrive by the month end and bring some respite from unbearable summer season.
Month Climate Details
July Very Hot
Very Hot
Jaisalmer does not receive heavy rainfall like other north Indian cities, but the few showers it gets are enough to bring the temperature down to bearable level. Days are pleasant with mainly clear sky, making it a good time for planning short trips. Rainfall occurs occasionally, however it is still not a favorable time for indulging in other outdoor activities.
August Very Hot
Very Hot
Weather remains hot during the month of August, making it difficult to move around the city and enjoy sightseeing trips or other activities in Jaisalmer. Humidity level is increased by occasional rainfall which occurs mainly due to western disturbances. Due to this reason August is not considered as the best time by tourists for planning a holiday trip to Jaisalmer.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Weather keeps varying between hot and cold throughout the September month. Dust storms usually occur during this season in the region of Jaisalmer, making it less favorable time to be outdoors for a long time. Temperature during day time can be higher, however nights are quite pleasant and cooler. The end of this month marks the beginning of tourist season in Jaisalmer.
October Pleasant
The best time for visiting Jaisalmer arrives in October. A huge crowd of tourists, coming from various national and international destinations, can be seen at this amazing place as the tourist season starts. Favorable climate makes the days pleasant and nights comfortable. This is a perfect time for planning sightseeing trips, visiting local attractions and indulging in various adventurous activities.
November Pleasant
November is also a good time for planning a trip to Jaisalmer as the weather is made pleasant by cool breeze, clear sky and ample sunshine. A lot of activity is usually seen at this time, as tourists can conveniently travel around without bothering about heat, indulge in desert activities, visit local attractions and explore the enchanting culture of this beautiful place.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Certainly the best time for visiting Jaisalmer and spending wonderful time with your family and friends, December is also among the coldest months experienced in this region. The weather during day time stays pleasant due to cool breeze, while the temperature at night dips further. Sightseeing, shopping and plenty of other interesting activities are available for tourists to indulge in.

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