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Humidity 33% Wind 4 kph (Direction: Variable)

The climate of Jaipur remains hot all around the year with the temperature being high most of the time. The months regarded as the best for making a visit to Jaipur are October to March.

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is regarded as one of the best planned cities in India. It houses lots of tourist attractions. The best time to visit this pink city, as it is alternatively called, is between the months of October to March as the weather is pleasant during this time of the year. Various outdoor activities and sightseeing can be best enjoyed during this time. Winters are the best season to enjoy a trip to the city of Jaipur with one’s family. During this season, no heatstroke is observed, therefore making it an ideal time for the kids to enjoy themselves. The summer sun can be harsh on the health of small children, hence always plan your trip in the winter season and let them happily explore the city.


December to February- The most ideal season for holidaying in Jaipur is the winter season. With the temperature falling to a low of 4°C this is the time for getting involved in different activities.


April to May- The pink city, Jaipur experiences hot summers. Less number of tourists is seen during this month and therefore it is generally regarded as off season.


June to September- The monsoon season comes as a relief from the scorching summers. For the nature enthusiasts and rain lovers this is the best time for planning a visit to Jaipur.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
During this month, winters are at its peak. Heavy woolens are recommended as the temperature can sometimes drop down to sub-zero level. During the day as the sun shines, increase in temperature is observed but the weather remains pleasant. For a newly wedded couple, this month is considered as a good time to make a visit.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
An increase in the temperature is seen during this month, but light woolen clothes are still advised. This month is preferred for getting involved in different kind of outdoor activities. February is regarded, by the Rajasthan tourism, as the most popular tourist month. The days are pleasant followed by cool nights.
March Pleasant
The nights in the month of March are cool whereas the weather during the day remains pleasant. This month is regarded as the ideal month for sightseeing. As the city of Jaipur looks very beautiful during March, nature lovers can plan their trip during this month. Tourists can also enjoy the Elephant festival held during this month.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
The temperature begins to rise slowly during this month, giving way to the summer season. Sunshine dominates the sky, making the temperature too high for different tourist activities. The famous Gangaur fair is held during this month. Therefore, if you are planning your visit during this month then do not forget to carry sun protection gear.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
By the time the month of May begins, the temperature is very high. This month is not regarded as the best time for making a visit because it is the hottest month of the year and the problem of sunstroke or heatstroke is common during this time. The sky is generally clear with lots of sunshine. Loose-fitting cotton clothes should be preferred during this time.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Occasional rainfall is observed during this month, which brings relief from the scorching heat. When it rains, the weather becomes bearable and the evenings are pleasant. The temperature during the day is still high and outdoor activities are not preferred in this month. Do not let small children remain outdoors in the afternoon sun as it can affect their health.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The month of July marks the beginning of monsoon season. The weather starts becoming comfortable due to the monsoon showers and this month can be enjoyed by the rain lovers. People who are planning budget vacations can prefer this month because the prices of tour packages is low during this time as this month is regarded as off season month.
August Pleasant
If you are a nature lover then, this is the best time to plan your visit to the city. Greenery of the city can be best enjoyed during this month. Hotel owners offer different types of discount to attract tourist during this month. Carrying umbrella is advisable to those who are planning to make a visit to the pink city in the month of August.
September Pleasant
Due to the presence of occasional rains, the temperature of the city is brought down to a comfortable level. People can enjoy different outdoor sports during this month. Fairs that highlight the culture of the city are organized by local residents to attract the attention of tourists. Therefore, during this month lot of tourists plan their visit to the city.
October Pleasant
The weather during this month is very pleasant therefore it is the best time to explore the city. In the Golden Triangle Tour, Jaipur is considered as an important city hence this is the best month to enjoy this city. Cool breeze blows throughout the day, making the weather suitable for enjoying different places that are regarded as tourist attractions.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
A dip is observed in the temperature during this month. The days are pleasant, followed by cool nights. This month is considered as an ideal time for planning a visit to the city. People can enjoy this cool weather of Jaipur with their family or friends. Need of woolen clothes may arise during the night time.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
The weather during this month is very cold therefore taking extra care of children and aged people is necessary. The nights are chilly with the day’s temperature being bearable. A nice cool breeze can be experienced during the day. This month is great for exploring small villages that surrounds the city of Jaipur.

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