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Partly Cloudy
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Known for its numerous temples, Jageshwar is a popular pilgrimage destination located in Uttarakhand state and exhibits subtropical kind of climate with ample amount of rainfall. This place can be visited anytime throughout the year due to its pleasant an


December to February- The days are cool with an average temperature of around 15°C. The nights are extremely chilly and the temperature drops down 4°C. Cool winds blow during this season and snowfall can also be witnessed sometimes.


April to June- The days are warm and the average temperature is around 30°C. The nights are comparatively chilly, as the temperature falls down to 15°C. Rainfall can occur during summer season as well.


July to September- The heat levels drop down further with the arrival of monsoon season. Heavy showers are received during most of the days, thus making rain gears a necessity for travelling comfortably here.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold
January marks the beginning of the year with a shower of glittering snow, bringing cheer on the faces of snow lovers. Weather during this extremely cold month is lovely but due to heavy snowfall certain areas might not be accessible during this time. While travelling to Jageshwar in this month, tourists are advised to carry heavy woolens to stay warm and comfortable.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
February receives a nice spell of snowfall. The blanket of snow drapes the landscapes and looks really beautiful under the light of moon. Snowfall, combined with beautiful surroundings, makes it a good time to visit Jageshwar. Nature and adventure lovers can plan their holiday tours and enjoy winter sports in the snow valley. Carrying woolen clothes is essential while travelling in winters.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Cold weather continues in March with mild days and cool nights. For thrill seekers, this month brings adventures and ends in a festive mood. Kumaoni Holi is a historical festival of colors and lasts for two months. This is a musical fair which you would love to indulge in. Surprises do not end here, as plenty of winter sports like skiing, trekking, etc, can also be enjoyed.
April Pleasant
April marks the official start of tourist season, when you have plenty of entertainment opportunities to select from. Weather in this month is inviting and snow is still going to attract adventure lovers in highlands. To indulge in trekking, rock climbing and other enthusiastic sports, this time is the best. Bear in mind to carry light woolens when travelling to this mountainous region.
May Pleasant
The weather is most pleasant in the month of May, when you will not feel too warm or too cold. Experience a voyage of discovery to the ancient temples that excite tourists with their beauty and architecture. A perfect blend of air and streams is best for indulging in two sports, paragliding and white river rafting. Explore the snow-clad landscapes, along with the hidden landmarks on this lovely trip.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
June is the month when showers drench the beautiful hilly region and its lush meadows. Being an off-season, it is a good time for planning budget trips, as you can get travel packages at a great discount. Visiting indoor attractions, like the famous Archeological Museum and exploring the idols dating back to 10th century, is the best way for enjoying rainy days in Jageshwar.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July is again a monsoon month and one can expect drizzling with heavy showers in Jageshwar. Get travel deals on competitive prices and explore the mesmerizing region at its best. Monsoons in this month have something special to offer and that is the real fun of Harela Fair. Villagers dress in beautiful ornamental attires and prepare traditional food to celebrate this festival.
August Rainy
Refreshing drizzles add a rhythmic touch to this joyful month of festivals. Jageshwar Monsoon Festival, and Nanda Devi Fair are the main occasions of August and not only locals but thousands of tourists visit the town at this time to experience culture and traditions of local people and make their trip enjoyable. Do carry light woolens as ambiance gets cooler at nights.
September Rainy
September is a pleasant month with less chance of showers. Days are enjoyable with a few hours of sunshine and lush greenery makes it more pleasant for a holiday tour. This is the most preferred season for all nature lovers and the best time to visit uphill forests draped with green meadows and resorts offering enough discounts to enjoy a comfy stay.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Tourism gets a boost on arrival of October. Days bring along loads of sunshine and gleeful weather adds to the fun of outdoor trips. This is the peak time to explore the historic Jageshwar. Ancient temples majestically located on peaks not just offer eternal tranquility but mesmerizing vistas of distant lush landscapes as well. For activities like day outs and sightseeing, it is an ideal period.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
November is a commendable month for honeymooners, families and adventure lovers planning a visit to Jageshwar. Tourists can move uphill and enjoy mesmerizing snowfall in the valley. This is an ideal holidaying period, when winter season graces the region and makes it perfect for pilgrimage and sightseeing tours. Carrying heavy woolen wears is recommended for people visiting Jageshwar in winters.
December Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold
Winter is all set to blanket the whole region with snow. This lends a charming appeal to the region but slows down tourist activities. The town is less crowded and special preparations are needed while travelling to the city during this month. It is a good time for adventure seekers and nature lovers, who love to travel in winter months.

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