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Jabalpur is located in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its numerous sightseeing options. This region witnesses extreme kind of climate where the summers are extremely hot whereas the winters are mild and pleasant. In a nutshell, it has subtropical and hum


October to January- The days are cool and the average temperature is around 29°C. The nights are quite chilly and the temperature is around 4°C, which sometimes drops down to 2°C.


March to May- The days are extremely hot with an average temperature of around 47°C. May is the hottest summer month. Evenings are good for taking walks or sightseeing.


June to September- South West Monsoons can be witnessed in this area. The highest amount of rainfall is received during the month of August, while the lowest is reported during the month of September.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
January is characterized as a wintry month in Jabalpur. Due to cold weather, holidaying and sightseeing in this region can be best enjoyed in this month. Known as a historic city, ancient buildings of this place are striking and best visited during this period. For exciting winter holidays in this royal city, pack woolen clothes to stay warm in the chilly nights.
February Pleasant
This month brings along slightly cold days, which start getting warm by the end. With less exposure to sunshine, you can enjoy your holidays carefree and visit as many attractions as you want to. Natural beauty and wonderful attractions located around the city are plenty and this time is perfect for going to the places of interest and making your trip remarkable.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The city warms up a little in March. The hot and sunny days are delightful for holidays. During this month, you will experience comfort and joy at every spectacular attraction in an endearing holiday destination, like Jabalpur. The former capital of Gord Kings is famous for its historic forts like Madan Mahal Fort. This month is also best for visiting other such attractions.
April Hot
April offers plenty of sunshine during daytime and makes it a bit difficult for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and outdoor trips. This month is all about staying indoors and relaxing, in order to escape the scorching heat. However, evenings are cooler, offering some respite from hot days. So pack your trendy cotton clothes and explore the monuments of the princely city.
May Hottest
Days are usually hotter and drier in May than any other month. This time is best for enjoying your holidays while staying indoors. Another good option is to explore wonderful tourist attractions which are worth visiting. The innovative museums and ancient temples are ideal to create great holiday memories and make your trip to Jabalpur an enriching and exciting experience.
June Rainy
June brings along monsoon season with erratic rains and warmer temperatures. If you have travel plans for this month then partially cloudy days will be best for outings. During rainy days, you can relax indoors or visit numerous restaurants to relish delectable local cuisine. There are lot of restaurants and stalls lined on streets, where can have yummy food like lassi, rabri and khoya jalebi.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July is a rainy month when rain showers drench the city on most of the days. But wet weather here means a favorable time for shopping and visiting natural attractions. Keep yourself and your loved ones cheerful during rainy days with a lot of entertainment options. This incredible city of India is renowned for its handicrafts and handlooms, so you have plenty of shopping options to explore.
August Rainy
The wettest month in Jabalpur is August with an average 105mm of rainfall. This period is a festival time for locals and this is when they celebrate Gond Dance festival with great grandiosity. This festival is linked with fertility and performed by beautifully dressed groups called Banjaras and Kanjaras. This monsoon is best to explore the colorful traditions of this cultural city.
September Rainy
Days in September are mostly cloudy, thus chances of rain showers are more. This monsoon spell lends an appealing charm to Jabalpur. If you are an art lover, then you have the chance to explore the art and culture of the city. This is a low tourist season, so there are more chances to getting tour packages at affordable rates.
October Pleasant
Weather of Jabalpur is dominated by pleasing days and chilly nights in October. The city can offer you more than enough to enjoy an unforgettable holiday tour in this month. It is the best time to take a holiday trip and discover the magnificence of popular spots, such as the popular Rani Durgavati Museum, Balance Rock, Bhanwar Tal and more worth-visiting places.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Tourism season begins to catch up with the start of this month and numerous travel packages are available for visitors. A whole lot of events wait for you at this place, such as exciting sport events to ensure you have the best holiday time ever. You can visit various attractions and pleasant weather will accompany you on this holiday tour.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
December is the coldest month in Jabalpur, offering something unique to enjoy the best holiday tour. Ensure you pick the best winter tour package and grasp every opportunity to spend memorable time at this wonderful place. The roads, shops, famous buildings, restaurants, and all other tourist attractions come alive during this time, offering a lot of opportunities for fun and entertainment.

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