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Humidity 66% Wind 4 kph (Direction: NW)

A very popular hill station in Maharashtra, Igatpuri experiences mixed type of climate. The best season to visit Igatpuri is from the month of September and then from November to February.


December to February- The days are cool and pleasant with the average temperature being around 29°C. The nights are a bit chilly with temperature of around 15°C. Winter months are best suited to explore this region and light winter clothing may be required to stay comfortable during the nighttime.


March to May - The days during summer season are hot and the average temperature is around 37°C. The nights are cooler comparatively and the average temperature stays around 23°C. These months are great to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities during the evening or nighttime.


June to November- Heavy rainfall dominate the monsoon season in the Igatpuri region. The heat comes down considerably due to constant rains, but the humidity also rises.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Coldest
January is a pleasant month, with mild and clear days but cool nights. The high elevation of Igatpuri, about 2000 ft, is the main reason why it induces people for holidaying here in any season. Hill station is blessed with incomparable natural beauty and this is the best time when you can witness panoramic vistas. Being a hilly terrain, carrying woolens for winter trips is recommended.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February is a temperate month in Igatpuri. This month is ideal for nature lovers, as they can visit dazzling attractions, including Bhatsa River Valley, Arthur Lake, Kalsibai Peak and all the other places set majestically in lowlands. It is advisable to carry light cotton and woolen clothing while visiting here, as days are comfortably warm but the ambiance becomes cool at nights.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With the advent of March, one can begin to see the signs of summer in Igatpuri. Being a hill station, the month is dominated by clear days and cool evenings. The sunshine of highlands primarily attracts visitors and good crowds can be seen at this time of year. Outdoor plans are enjoyable in this period, as weather is calm with moderate temperatures for daytrips.
April Hot
As summer season arrives, the month of April becomes pretty hot. The days boast of warm sunshine and cool nights. To feel the refreshing breeze, one can move to hilly terrains. Besides this, there are lots of things to enjoy. This time is ideal for indulging in exciting activities, like trekking and hiking, amidst the breathtaking ambiance of this region.
May Hottest
May is the driest month of the year with sunny days and slightest amount of rain. This might not be a perfect season for outdoor tours, but hilly places have something unusual to offer in each and every season, like the incredible hill spot of Igatpuri. To quench the thirst of tourists, the highest peak of Sahyadri welcomes tourists with its spectacular vistas all through the year.
June Rainy
Refreshing rains breathe life into the landscapes of Igatpuri in June and it turns out to be a natural wonder for monsoon trips. During this cheerful period, you will get great monsoon travel packages with huge discounts. For honeymooners and families, this season is perfect for holidaying. You can stay in a resort on a hilltop and enjoy exotic scenery from there.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
As the southwest monsoon arrives in July, rain lovers begin to approach this picturesque region. Monsoon season has its own flavor and to experience it, one should surely visit Igatpuri, which turns into a paradise with drizzles. Most of the guesthouses are located in scenic locations, so you can not only enjoy sightseeing but also capture beautiful views in your cameras.
August Rainy
Monsoon serves as a unifying bond between nature and its creatures and to experience this you must visit Igatpuri during rainy season. When you reach here in monsoons, do not miss Vipassana Center which is the heart of all attractions. This period is when you will find cascades in their full splendor, where you can relax in the lap of nature, far away from urban cities.
September Pleasant
After downpours, arrives the month of September with perfect days, allowing you to have a unique holidaying experience. This time is worth to visit any spot here, whether it is the lowlands or hilly areas. You can either begin a pilgrimage tour to popular shrines or visit any natural attraction, like attractive waterfalls of Igatpuri and indulge in full fun.
October Pleasant
October brings salubrious weather conditions and peak time to visit this marvelous hill station. This is the most favorable time for tourists to discover the beauty of nature at its best. With no threat of rains, this month adorns the region with gifts of nature and is famous among tourists for exploring natural valleys and visiting astonishing structures like Vaitarna Dam.
November Pleasant
In the month of November, cold spells engulf this beautiful region. Cool climate makes for a perfect time to explore the region and enjoy scrumptious food. Tourists consider it as the best winter destination and book travel packages in advance. Food and holidays make a good combination together. There are plenty of restaurants and natural attractions, for you to visit and enjoy your time.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
December is considered as the coldest month of the year. This month is ideal for daytrips, so you can have lots of fun with your family and friends and enjoy full fun of winter games. Before it gets chilly, you can plan a holiday trip to Igatpuri and make sure to bring woolen clothes to stay warm in the cold weather.

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