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Humidity 46% Wind 13 kph (Direction: NNE)

Located on the banks of Hooghly River, Howrah is a famous industrial city of West Bengal. Tropical wet and dry climate is experienced here and the best time to visit this city is from October to March.


November to February- The days are cool and the nights are chilly, as the average temperature swings between the ranges of 9°C to 11°C. Rainfall can occur unexpectedly during the winter season.


March to May- The days are extremely hot and the average temperature is around 40°C. The nights are cool as compared to the days, as the average temperature remains around 30°C. Outdoor activities can only be enjoyed during evenings and nighttime.


June to September - Heavy showers are reported during this season. The weather cools down but continues to remain humid. Kaali Pooja, also known as Dussehra is celebrated here with great joy and enthusiasm for 9 days. Tourists prefer to visit Howrah during this season to witness the liveliness of this city.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Cold weather hits this city in the month of January. Cool and amiable ambiance can be enjoyed during daytime while mild weather makes it more perfect at nights. With the crack of dawn, you can begin your sightseeing tour and visit as many attractions as you desire. Plenty of other tourist activities can also be enjoyed during this time of the year.
February Pleasant
February welcomes tourists with wonderful weather and bounty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. This is an ideal time when you can experience the amalgam of sunshine and clear blue skies together. The weather is enjoyable for sightseeing and visiting heritage site of Balur Math, admiring the natural sights of Garchumuk and viewing lovely bridges which Howrah is famous for.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Mercury begins to rise with the arrival of summers in March. The soaring temperatures might not allow you to enjoy outdoor travels but you can visit other places, like museums and famous malls trouble-free. Sun protective gears and light cotton clothes are a must to carry if you are planning a visit to Howrah during this time of the year.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Meandering airstreams spell warm weather in April and one can expect sizzling heat all through this month. Days are dominated by higher temperatures and loads of sunshine. During this period, the heat is sweltering, mainly at midday but you can carry out indoor activities. Cotton clothes and sun protective gears are important to carry when planning summer trips in Howrah city.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
May is the hottest month of the year and least preferable time for holiday tours. With the rise in temperature, humidity increases and days turn out to be inconvenient for outdoor visits. The heat of the sun during this period is excruciating, thus people prefer to stay indoors and relax. Light cotton clothes are good to protect yourself from harsh climate.
June Rainy
June is characterized by low erratic rainfall and humid weather. Early days of June are sunny and southwest monsoon are expected to hit the region in the midst of this month. As the ambiance becomes quite soothing after rain showers so you can plan outdoor trips to enjoy this weather. It is also an ideal time for rain lovers to visit this place.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoon season braces the region in July and brings along good amount of rainfall. This is the time when the whole city is drenched by rain, making it a good time to explore mesmerizing lush landscapes and capture the beauty in your cameras. You can also get monsoon tour packages on great discounts, thus allowing you to enjoy a budget friendly holiday.
August Rainy
Monsoon arrives fully in the month of August. The place receives highest amount of rainfall in this month and the region becomes totally damp. Days are sometimes sunny or impartially cloudy, allowing you to enjoy daytrips on clear days, while relax indoors during rain showers. Monsoon lovers can book special tour packages and enjoy a wonderful vacation trip to Howrah.
September Rainy
Monsoons are all set to disappear with the end of September. Weather is pleasant on rainy days, enabling you to enjoy the beauty of surroundings, as well as relish delectable Bengali cuisines. You can visit the famous Howrah Bridge and spot the imposing milieu in the shade of clouds. On sunny days humidity might be high, so wear cotton clothes.
October Pleasant
October brings along pleasant weather and an ideal time to enjoy many festivals, which are held during this month. You can enjoy this weather along with partaking in the famous nine day long festival, Durga Pooja, celebrated with great fervor in this month. You can also witness many other events and also become a part of the famous traditional dance Dhunuchi.
November Pleasant
November is a pleasant period, when tourists throng Howrah city and celebrate the auspicious Bengali festival of Kali Pooja with lighting and fireworks. This occasion is held on Ashwin of this month which also coincides with the Hindu festival of Diwali. One should surely take part in this biggest occasion of West Bengal and make the most of favorable climate.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December is dominated by cool days and equally chilly nights. As the festive season approaches Howrah, you can involve yourself in vibrant festivities. Tourists throng Howrah in this period as this is the most special time when Poush Mela is celebrated here. The weather remains pleasantly cool, allowing you to make the most of this wonderful period and enjoy unforgettable celebrations.

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