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Hogenakkal – Weekend gateway

Hogenakkal is situated on the bank of River Cauvery in the state of Tamil Nadu, precisely in a district called Dharmapuri. The name Hogenakkal comes from the words, Hoge signifying Smoke and Kal meaning rocks, which when combined mean Hogenakkal, symbolizing Smoky rocks. The rocks found in Hogenakkal have a smoky appearance due to the continuous falling of water with force over the rocks. You need to undertake a journey of nearly 150 km from Bengaluru to reach Hogenakkal. A remarkable thing about this little village is that it lies exactly on the border of two states, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The place is just perfect for weekend outings with friends and family. Fishing can be tried here or you can relax your soul by indulging into a rejuvenating massage, with oils developed using special local herbs with healing and soothing properties, from the expert masseurs. Presenting an ideal setting for adventure enthusiasts, one can try swimming under the gushing waters in the streams near waterfalls. It is strongly suggested that only experts should indulge in swimming as it could be dangerous. Trekking is quite popular here and you can undertake the interesting long treks through the giant Melagiri hills and enjoy charming views of natural surroundings.

Do not forget to take time out and go for a coracle boat ride at River Cauvery. Coracles are special kinds of boat having a circular shape. They look like round basket boats and to prevent water from entering the boat from the bottom plastic sheets are used. One boat can easily carry nearly 8 people.

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