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Humidity 54% Wind 3 kph (Direction: NE)

The holy city of Haridwar experiences temperate type of climate all across the year. A lot of devotees from all across the globe come here to take part in different rituals and ceremonies, along with offering their holy prayers. The ideal time to visit th


October to February- The weather during winter season is chilly especially at nights, as the temperature drops down to 6°C. The temperature during the daytime remains around 30°C.


March to May - The days during summer season are extremely hot and the average temperature is around 40°C. The nights are cooler comparatively and the temperature is around 19°C. It is a great time to enjoy and witness the religious celebrations of Ramnavmi and Buddha Purnima.


June to September- The days are cool and humid due to the rainfall. Moderate amount of rainfall is reported here, making it essential to carry rain gear while venturing outdoors.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
January is very cold with mild breeze and that is what makes the days beautiful and the nights cold. All the days are welcoming as the cool climate invigorates everything up and adds excitement to your pilgrimage tour at dawn and sightseeing during sunset. It is important to carry along woolen garments that will keep you warm and let you enjoy your outings.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
The weather in February is surprisingly pleasurable for tourists, as most of the days bring sunshine with a few cloud spells. The cold days and pleasant evenings make this month an enthralling time to visit Haridwar and to replenish your mind and soul with a holy trip. Nights can be cooler than days, thus light woolen clothing is essential to stay warm.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
March is a pleasant month for spending holidays in this holy land as the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The colors of the clear sky are amazing, orange during dawn when you begin the pilgrimage journey and splattered red during sunset, which looks best from Lakshman Jhula. This is a preferred month for visiting Haridwar and enjoying the celebrations of Ram Navmi.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
April brings along plenty of sunshine and temperature starts to rise slightly, adding warmth to the days. The ambiance is warm and perfect for outdoor trips. Days are dominated by clear blue skies that will make your trips more enjoyable. So, whether you are going out for seeing mesmerizing sights or to take a holy dip, weather will be pleasant and comfortable.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Weather in May is very warm during mornings, but breezy at nights. The temperature is still quite pleasant for enjoying outdoor trips during daytime. The refreshing river streams add a cooling effect to the ambiance at night. If you have come here on a pilgrimage tour, then evening is the best time to move out and attend Aarti at the shores and take a holy bath.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
The weather is typically hotter during June, with a bit of clouds and lots of sunshine. Sunny days make outdoor travels quite arduous. Venturing out to visit the ancient temples and monument should be done in the evenings, when the cool breeze makes the climate somewhat manageable. Make sure to wear sun protective gears, if going out in the sun.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The weather patterns amend with the arrival of July. Warm winds are replaced by dark blue skies and thundering clouds. Bouts of rain keep refreshing the environs, so venturing out during these days can be quite enjoyable and refreshing. This period is not much preferred for tourism, so you can avail discount deals and special offers on tour packages and accommodations.
August Rainy
Dark clouds keep covering the sky for the whole month and drench the holy land with rains. Providing a much needed relief from the scorching heat, the rainfall lends a pleasant touch to the ambiance. Rain lovers can make the most of this time by enjoying the beauty of this place, which looks even more amazing after being washed by rains.
September Rainy
Rainy weather continues to dominate the month of September. The cloudy days and intermittent rains can make it inconvenient to venture out for sightseeing but the refreshing showers make the ambiance very enchanting. If you are craving to view the panoramic vistas of this region, then this is one of the best times to visit Haridwar and become one with nature.
October Pleasant
October has pleasant weather with ample sunshine during days and cool nights. Preceding showers enhance the eminence of natural vistas and will make your trip really enjoyable. It is quite windy near the shores, so you can worship and enjoy the sights at bathing Ghats and various other places of tourist interest. Festival of Diwali is also celebrated nearby this month.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
November offers really cool and inviting days. The entire month is pleasant enough for spending delightful holidays and pilgrimage tours in Hardwar. This is a preferred time to plan sightseeing tours and enjoy boat rides in rivulets. Carrying light woolens will be good, as the temperature may drop a few degrees during evenings, mainly by the end with this month.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
Blessed with lovely sunny days, December is preferred month for tourism. Although it is winter season, the sky can be partially cloudy sometimes. With each passing day, temperature may drip down further but remains within a comfortable range. Do pack your heavy woolens, warm jackets and boots to stay comfortable while sightseeing and to make the most of your pilgrimage tours.

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