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The climate of Hampi is dry and warm. Being a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site, Hampi witnesses a huge inflow of tourists, especially during the months starting from September to February.

Hampi, a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site located in Karnataka, promises an enriching experience to tourists. The tropical climate of Hampi is mostly hot and dry. October to February is definitely the best time to visit Hampi. Not only the weather is pleasant, but various festivals are also celebrated here during this season, offering the tourists a great opportunity to know more about local culture and traditions. Weather during summer months, from March to June, can become quite hot. Visiting Hampi during this season should be avoided as temperature can usually reach up to 40°C. The rainy season, from June to August, offers respite from scotching summer, and is a preferred time for rain lovers to visit this region and spend time amidst serene surroundings. However, travelling around Hampi in monsoon season can become difficult, as all the prominent sites are located outdoors and constant rains can hamper your sightseeing plans.


November to February – Cool and pleasing winter season is ideal for sightseeing in this region. Adventure activities can also be enjoyed during these months, as the temperature pleasantly ranges between 12°C to 34°C.


March to May – Warm climate is experienced in Hampi during summer season, with temperature reaching up to 40°C. Many people find it inconvenient to travel in such high temperature, thus making it a less favorable time to visit Hampi


June to August – Monsoon showers offer the much needed relief after scorching summer season. This is the best season, especially for rain enthusiasts and nature lovers, to enjoy serene environs and scenic beauty of this historical place.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Pleasant and warm days are witnessed throughout the month of January, making it an ideal time for planning a trip to Hampi. Carry along light woolens as nights can become quite cold. Sightseeing is the best activity tourists can indulge in, to explore the magnificent attractions located around this place. Rock climbing and other similar adventure activities can also be enjoyed by thrill seekers.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February is the month dominated by sunny days, while the evenings can get mildly cold, due to cool breeze. The pleasant weather of Hampi during this time is the best to plan a sightseeing trip and enjoy the unmatched beauty of its numerous heritage sites. Tourists can also make the most of this comfortable weather and enjoy plenty of adventure activities.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Due to the arrival of summer season, March is not considered a favorable month for planning outdoor activities in Hampi. Days can get dry and hot, although the nights are still pleasant. For all those travelling to Hampi during this time, it is recommended to carry along enough water and protective gears like caps and shades to stay safe from sun.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
With a rise in temperature, April witnesses warm days and pleasant nights. Also it is during the month of April that Virupaksha Car, a famous religious festival, is celebrated here, which attracts innumerable devotees from near and far. However, it is still not a very good time for tourists to plan outdoor activities.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Weather in May can seem uncomfortable to many, as the temperature soars, making it the least favorable time to visit Hampi. Therefore not many people come to Hampi in summer season. Days can get quite hot, as the sky remains clear and sunny. For those planning a visit to Hampi during this month, carrying water, caps and shades is a must.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
The hot summer season keeps making the days uncomfortable for any tourist activity during the month of June as well. Tourists usually avoid planning a trip to Hampi at this time, thus making the place less crowded. Pre monsoon showers can arrive occasionally, offering a respite to those who come here to explore the many facets of Hampi.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Arrival of monsoon in July makes the entire ambiance very pleasant and comfortable. Constant rainfall brings a considerable drop in temperature, providing respite from the hot summer months. It is during this time that a lot of tourist activity is seen in this region. Tourists come here for sightseeing and spending time in these peaceful surroundings.
August Rainy
The weather becomes quite comfortable in August, due to continuous rainfall. It is a good opportunity for rain lovers to appreciate the incredible natural beauty Hampi is blessed with. However, it is not considered to be the best time to plan outdoor activities, as constant showers can make it difficult to move around this place.
September Pleasant
Pleasant weather welcomes tourists to Hampi during the month of September and from this month onwards maximum tourist activity is seen here. The sky is mainly clear, but light showers can occur occasionally. Sightseeing and visiting numerous historical sites is the most popular activity enjoyed by tourists in this amazing weather, providing them an enriching and enchanting experience.
October Pleasant
October is considered as the best month to visit Hampi. Due to the clear skies and pleasant climate, outdoor activities can be best enjoyed in this month. During this time, tourists travel to Hampi from numerous national and international destinations to view some of the most alluring architectural wonders, created by incredibly skilled hands, many hundred years ago.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
As the winter season arrives in November, the weather becomes even more pleasant. Cool breeze makes this season perfect to plan an unforgettable trip to Hampi with your friends and family or even alone and enjoy various activities, including sightseeing, rock climbing and many more. Another reason attracting numerous tourists to this region is the Hampi Festival, which is celebrated during this month.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Winter is definitely the most preferred season for visiting the historical sites of Hampi. Beautiful sunshine makes the days quite pleasant and comfortable, thus attracting tourists in huge numbers. Apart from visiting the magnificent structures located all around this region, tourists can enjoy activities like rock climbing and add some memorable moments to their trip.

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