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Partly Cloudy
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Located in Karnataka, the charming city of Halebid is known for its rich history and glorious past. Due to moderate climate it can be visited during any time of the year. October to April remains as the best and the most preferred months to visit this reg


December to February- The weather is pleasant and rejuvenating for the visitors. The temperature remains between 19°C to 30°C. Light winter clothing might be required during the nights.


March to May- The days are hot and nights are cool. The average temperature remains between the ranges of 24°C to 37°C. Evenings and late nights are good for walks, shopping, eating out, etc.


June to September- Moderately heavy showers are witnessed during the monsoon season, along with humidity. Nature lovers prefer this season to visit Halebid, as the whole region comes to life and the ambiance appears even more charming.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
Cold winter season dominates the month of January in Halebid. Temperature is known to plunge during this month to around 15°C. Mornings are fairly foggy with considerably cooler evenings. Although the temperature starts rising next month onwards, thus this period is regarded as the best to visit this marvelous town and explore some of the most admired attractions in India.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February is accompanied by sunny days and pleasant nights. The weather is pleasingly cool, as there is plenty of sunshine to light up your days. It is no doubt the most popular time of the year for planning a trip to Halebid. Weather can still be cooler, thus it is advisable to carry warm clothes while travelling so you can comfortably enjoy your trip.
March Hot
March welcomes summer season with hot days and pleasant nights. Clear skies with plenty of sunshine are the specialty of this month. However, with its end you might feel the rising heat in the ambiance. Planning your trip in the early weeks would be better, when you can also participate in the famous Hindu festivals, Mahashivaratri and Hoysala Mahotsava, celebrated with great grandiosity and euphoria.
April Hot
April is very hot in Halebid and quite uncomfortable, with the strong rays of the sun heating up the ambiance. At midday, the heat is so intense that people prefer to stay indoors rather than venturing out. If you have holiday plans in this month, then early morning is the best time to enjoy outdoor trips, when the weather is cool.
May Hot
May is the hottest of all summer months. During daytime you can usually experience the terrible heat accompanied by strong winds. The heat continues to affect even after sunset and it is during nighttime, when you can feel little coolness in the air. This is the reason why not many tourists consider it a preferable time for planning a visit to Halebid.
June Rainy
Rainy season begins in the month of June, when the southwest monsoon storms enter this region of Karnataka. Due to constant rain showers, the atmosphere becomes really humid. This rainy period also make it convenient for tourists to travel around the place, as the roads become muddy. However, this time is ideal to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Halebid experiences monsoon in July as well and continues up to September. During this period, the sky is frequently overcast with clouds and constant rainfall keeps lashing the city. Excessive rains might make it difficult for you to venture out, but you can make the best use of this wonderful time by staying indoors and relaxing in the pleasant weather.
August Rainy
August is dominated by torrential rains and humidity. Although the greenery of woodlands is at its best during this month, it is still not a preferable time for tourism. Sightseeing and outdoor trips might not be possible due to constant rainfall, as travelling in this weather can become difficult, but the tourists have the option to enjoy this weather and relax indoors.
September Rainy
September is the last month of rainy season. Due to continual rainfall, visiting the numerous wonderful monuments and ancient temples located in this region might not be possible, but the pleasant weather definitely offers some respite from the scorching heat. You can wait for the rains to subside by the end of this month and then plan exciting outdoor trips.
October Pleasant
Winters are fascinating in Halebid, as they welcome the tourists with cold mornings and chilly nights. The city of Halebid is full of life in this season and you can expect huge number of tourists coming here from near and far. Days are best for visiting local attractions, while camp fires are good fun at nights. Altogether, this is a perfect month for all tourist activities.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
November gives a mild start to the winters, which means the weather is fairly pleasant for day outs. The cool days offer plenty of winter activities, along with camping fires at night. Excursions can be planned to visit fascinating attractions located around this region in the form of ancient structures. As the winter season begins, you can also get affordable travel packages here.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
December typically brings cold and stormy weather. Rather than snuggling up in the blanket, it is time to move out, as this winter month has loads of special things to offer. You can spend ultimate holidays while indulging in a wide array of outdoor activities. Sightseeing is the best way to explore the rich culture and heritage of this region.

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