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Gorumara National Park is located at the foothills of the Himalayan Range in the Terai region near West Bengal. The park is famous for Indian Rhinoceros population here and experiences the three major seasons across the year. Summer is the best time to vi


November to February- The days are cool and the average temperature remains near about 21°C. The nights are chilly and require heavy winter clothing as the temperature falls down to around 10°C.


March to May - The days during summer season are warm, but not very hot. The temperature is around 27°C. At nights the temperature shows a very mild drop and reaches around 24°C. It is a good time to visit this place and indulge in sightseeing.


June to October- Moderate rainfall is reported here and the average annual rainfall in this region is around 382 cm. The lushness of this region reaches its acme during monsoon season after being washed by rain showers.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
Winters are cool and it is the best time to visit Gorumara National Park. Weather in this month is sunny and dry. It is the most preferred time for nature lovers, as they can catch sights of diverse species of birds, reptiles, turtles, fishes and other flora and fauna. Adventure junkies can also have a lot of fun trekking through the mesmerizing landscapes.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February experiences chilled winters, but is the best time to escape from the rising temperature. Therefore planning winter holidays to visit Gorumara National Park in this month is the best. If you are planning a trip to the park, then keep your camera handy as you have a great chance to capture the beauty of birds and other wild species here.
March Pleasant
Neither too hot nor too cold, this month is considered as the best time to visit this park. The great weather, along with the beauty of natural attractions of this scenic region, is guaranteed to amuse you. Travelling at this time allows you to escape from chilled weather and soak in the rays of shining sun, which can become too hot for you by end of this month.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Hot breeze begins to flow with the beginning of this month. The beautiful park presents a welcoming relief from the extreme heat of lowlands during this period. The temperature can soar beyond normal levels, making this month a little unbearable and hazy. Carry cotton clothes with you as it can be quite hot, once you move out of your air-conditioned lodges.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With the start of summer season, the climate becomes hot and hazy. The warmth in the climate is also expected to rise considerably as the rainfall is least expected during this time period. At the mid of the day, the temperature gets quite hot, thus it is advisable to visit the park during sunset or sunrise, to easily witness wildlife in its natural habitat.
June Hot
June is among the hottest month of summer season. The weather is reasonably warm and the high temperature can affect the excursions to this nature park. If you are travelling to the park at this time of summers, then there are plenty of shady areas in the park where you can spot wildlife and capture some good shots of lush surroundings.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
This is the time when southwest monsoon reaches this green mountainous region. With constant showers the temperature decreases and the weather becomes cooler. Most of the days during this month are rainy, thus a visit to the park is not much preferred. Particularly in the early weeks of the month, you can expect heavy rainfall that might disrupt your travel plans.
August Rainy
The month of August also experiences heavy monsoons. The constant rainfall adds moisture to the air and the climate becomes humid. Travelling to this region should be avoided during this time as the forest regions turn into muddy areas. To avoid any fatalities or causalities, all the paths leading to the nature park are closed, keeping the tourist’s safety in mind.
September Pleasant
With the departure of clouds in the mid Sept, the region becomes easily reachable and tourists can indulge in non-stop fun. The weather is best for wind-surfing and spectacular sightseeing. Apart from this, the green lush sceneries add to the beauty of this park. This is the time when you will see impressive panoramas surrounding this huge expanse of West Bengal.
October Pleasant
Autumn departs in the beginning of October while winter starts with its end. This is the period when tourists pack their suitcases and begin their journeys. Although it is still a bit warm but the pastoral landscapes look delightful at this time. Cool breezes blow down the mountains, making it very convenient to capture beautiful views of amazing surroundings and equally fascinating animals.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The chilly season begins with the first week of November. Due to the cold spell of Himalayas, the days are pleasantly cold but the temperature during nighttime might drop down a couple of degrees more. This is the perfect time when you can experience the beauty and fragrance of tea gardens, along with lush forests that surround the vast area on the banks of River Teesta.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This is the peak season when tourists lead towards this region. You are expected to get great deals to visit this national park at this point of the year. There are no restrictions, as you just need to wear your warm attires and enjoy a pleasing welcome by Asian Elephant, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Indian Wolf and many more of the wildlife treasure.

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