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Sited on west coast of India, the town witnesses thousands of tourists and devotes, disembark to enjoy the local beaches and pay homage to Shiva. The village offers a blend of fine climatic conditions.

Gokarna experiences semi-tropical kind of weather, thus the best months to plan a visit to Gokarna is from September to February. These months offer plenty of sunshine and moderate cold climatic conditions that are perfect for beach activities and indulging in sightseeing. With temperatures around 15°C - 33°C, the nights are expected to get chilly. It is the most favorable season among tourists to plan a visit to this gorgeous destination. The summers here take place from April and have average temperature around 35°C; however visitors can enjoy travelling around the village and water sports the most in this season. Whereas monsoons here mark their presence in the months of June up till mid August, most days of this month have heavy winds as well as torrential rainstorm, thus making difficult to move out but the serene beauty of the place is breathtaking and provides an everlasting view to your eyes.


Winters –November –February – these months bring in the best climatic conditions. Though the temperature drops down, it is still within comfortable cold zone. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing the most in this season.


Summers – March – May – summer here begin from March and extend till May end. Temperature varies from 18°C to 40°C, however due to sub tropical climatic conditions the season is apt for planning a visit to Gokarna.


Monsoon –June– August–monsoon showers here begin from June and continue till August. This downpour can make beach activities difficult but the serene beauty of the place is at its prime and is worth watching.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
January has moderately cold weather conditions. Thought the temperature is within manageable range the evenings and nights are chilly. This is reason this month is favorable for planning honeymoon trips or family vacation at Gokarna. The days are refreshing and bright with light cool winds thus good time for taking up outdoor activities like going out for sightseeing and enjoying at the beach can be fun with friends and beloved. It is suggested carrying light woolens to avoid the elevating cold.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February has winters at its extreme as the dip in temperature range between 8 ?C - 18 ?C, thus making the overall weather very cool. This month has major attraction among tourists because of the soothing and pleasant weather conditions. The scenic beauty of the place and adventure sports like fishing and boating trips, the banana boat rides can be best enjoyed in this season.
March Pleasant
This month has warm sunny days that light up the surroundings. Days are very pleasing while nights are warm but you can still feel the slight cool winds. This month is perfect for ideal vacation, one can shop around; enjoy the delicious food and plan a visit to its temples beautifully designed and sculptured.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month witnesses mild summers accompanied with warm bright days. You can enjoy the clear blue sky and moderate nights. Besides, its undiscovered coves, picturesque temples, beautiful sunsets and its elusive culture make the town an ideal destination for holidaying. Temperature is expected to rise by the mid of this month thus carrying light cotton clothes is suitable.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
May is among the most pleasant months of year in Gokarna. Temperature rise make the weather quite hot and clammy. However, tourists can go out throughout this season because of the comforting cool breeze, arising from the numerous beaches surrounding the village. Those, who plan to take up some adventurous activities, May is the apt time period.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
This month witnesses vivid sunrays at daytime along with this the warm winds, make it difficult to travel around. Luckily, the monsoon appears by the mid of June, accompanying intermittent to heavy rainfall in this month. Gokarna looks exceptionally picturesque as the temperature go down to a comfortable level and is recommended for rain lovers, they can enjoy the light drizzles and lush greenery of the city drenched in rain.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
June is the month when summers begin to fade away thus giving relief from the clammy climatic conditions. This month witness's moderate to heavy torrential rains, thus making the place completely wet. For rain lovers the village presents a picture perfect view with its serene beauty and blooming flora fauna thus revitalizing their soul.
August Rainy
Gokarna has continues downpour throughout this month, thus making August wettest month of the year. Though it is not the most favorable months among tourists but for those who like rainy season this can be a good time to relax and enjoy in its calm environs, with their beloved. Being an off season the price of the tour packages are lowered, therefore a great opportunity to enjoy maximum at a reasonable cost.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month marks the end of monsoon showers. The place looks refreshing after being drenched in rains. You can expect occasional rains at any time of the day thus carrying rain gears is mandatory to avoid any hindrance while you are wandering around the village. Moreover the place shimmers in this bright sunshine and provide a good time to enjoy activities like water sports.
October Pleasant
This is the most awaited month in Gokarna. As the region observes the celebration of various festivals celebrated with full pomp and show within its vicinity. Another amazing factor is its beaches. The place lures number of travelers to relax and take pleasure in the sun-soaked paradise. For tourists who look forward to exciting activities boat rides, jet-skiing can be a best enjoyed, during your trip.
November Pleasant
November has comforting climatic conditions and is known to be the peak tourist's month. This month brings in warm sun rays and clear skies. Temperature begins to drop down thus carrying winter clothes is recommended while you are planning a trip to Gokarna in this month. It is an ideal destination and a good time to experience outdoor games, beach sports.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December witnesses extreme winters with days offering cold breeze while nights are expected to be freezing. However, temperature is still within bearable zone and provides tourists the opportunity to visit the ancient temples, local market and other regions of its serene beauty. Carrying woolen clothes is must, if you plan a trip in December.

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