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The city of Goa is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and clear water, which make Goa irresistible. This city offers pleasant weather due to which it can be visited during any time of the year.

For people who are seeking some quiet moments, the best months to visit Goa is from March to May. During this time the city witnesses fewer visitors and it is quiet hot in Goa during this time. People who prefer eco tourism can plan their trip in the months of June to September. The ideal time to enjoy at the beaches of Goa is between the months of October to February. This is the peak tourist season. Different water sports can be enjoyed at this time. These are the perfect months for sightseeing as one can also be a part of festivals like Goa Heritage festival which can be enjoyed in the month of November and some parties, organized by the hotel owners can make your trip more enjoyable. Plan your trip according to your desires and enjoy the beaches of Goa. The beaches are always happy to welcome you.


October to February- This season is the peak tourist season and also the perfect time for enjoying holidays at the beaches of Goa. These are the months when water sports and night parties can be enjoyed.


March to May- People who are looking for some quiet moments can visit the city during this time. Summers of Goa are hot with the maximum temperature reaching 40°C. This season is less preferred for tourism.


June to September- Heavy rainfall marks the beginning of the monsoon season. Different parts of Goa are best enjoyed during this season. Lush greenery of the city makes it more beautiful.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
This month has pleasant weather with nights being cooler. Lot of sunshine is observed during the day with the sky being clear. New Year celebrations have still not subsided in this month and they are celebrated with full enthusiasm. Beach activities can be enjoyed during the day while different parties take up most of the night time.
February Pleasant
Tourist and honeymooners can enjoy the pleasant weather of Goa in this month. During this month, the famous carnival festival is also held. The perfect time to enjoy different exotic beaches of Goa is during the month of February. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing as the weather is pleasant. A huge crowd of tourists visit Goa in this month.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Summers begins with the beginning of the month of March. The weather is warmer as compared to last month with the evenings being enjoyable and pleasant. Tourists can participate in different water sports and can thus cool themselves off during the day time. The weather of the city can be enjoyed as beach parties are still a common affair in this month.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With the increase in the temperature, decrease in the crowd of visitors is observed. People who want to spend some quiet moments with their friends or loved ones can plan their trip during this month. Only big hotels and restaurants remain open during this time therefore bookings should be done at the earliest.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The level of humidity begins to rise during this month. Days are hot with the evenings still being enjoyable. If planning for a budget holiday this is the best time as the hotels offer discount on packages. Beach activities are not allowed during this time due to rougher sea, though going for sightseeing can be a better option.
June Rainy
This month marks the onset of monsoon and during this time Goa looks beautiful. The sky is generally filled with clouds for most part of the day. Different beach activities including swimming are not suggested during this month. People in love with rains can plan their trip in this month to enjoy the beauty of wet Goa.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The heaviest rainfall in Goa is observed in this month. Strong and high tides are observed at the beaches with the rains continuing for days together. This is the best month to enjoy eco-tourism. Plants growth is at its best during this season. Being off season, affordable package deals can be secured during this time.
August Rainy
Due to rains, humidity level has also increased. This is not the best month to visit Goa; however this is the month to explore the wildlife of Goa. Different activities generally being held on the beaches are halted due to bad weather. Different types of discounts are offered by the hotel owners to attract visitors to Goa.
September Rainy
Monsoons are still not over but the frequency of rains is largely reduced. Lush greenery of Goa can be best enjoyed during this time. An activity that can still be enjoyed is walking with your loved ones on the beaches in the evening. Planning the holiday during this month may not be a good idea. Therefore avoid going to Goa in this month.
October Pleasant
The rains have subsided and the weather is pleasant throughout the day. A large number of tourist visit Goa during this time. All the activities are in full swing. The beauty of the beaches of Goa can be enjoyed during this time. Local residents of Goa organize different fairs so that more tourists can be attracted toward Goa.
November Pleasant
This is the peak tourist month. Bamboo shacks are seen on the beaches. The Goa Heritage Festival and the Tiatr Festival can be enjoyed in this month. These festivals attract a large number of visitors toward Goa. The climate is pleasant therefore tourists get involved in different outdoors activities.
December Pleasant
The nights start becoming cooler in this month with the days being pleasant. The time during the day is perfect to enjoy the beauty of the city. Christmas and New Year celebrations are at its peak. If a person likes crowded place then this would be the best time to visit Goa. Due to huge crowd the tickets should be booked in advance.

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