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Giridh- Land of hillocks

Giridh – a town with abundant natural vegetation is to be found in Jharkhand, in the district of Chhotanagpur. It was discovered in the year 1972, from the region of Hazaribagh. Mostly the region remains enclosed with Sal trees and bamboos all round the year.

It is a perfect place for nature enthusiasts to spend leisure time vacationing here, with its massive collection of dense forest. Due to different varieties of trees, namely mahua, kend, bhelwa, salai, kusum, asan, simul and bamboo, it is liked and visited by many tourists. In addition, there are various endangered animal species such as bears, foxes, leopard, pigs, hog deer and spotted deer, which can be seen in its premises.

The lush greenery and blooming environs of this region make the place more popular among travelers. During your visit you can view many beautiful attractions, within the town and its surroundings, including the gigantic hills and valleys which add charm to its beauty. Another popular attraction famous due to its natural beauty, the Parasnath Hills, also known as the Marang Buru, attracts large scores of devotees as it is a renowned pilgrimage spot as well.

In addition to this, district of Giridh shares a major part of its geographical borders with the Deogarh, Jamtara, Jamui and Nawada districts, thus making Giridh a favorite place among travelers.  In fact the major attraction among tourists is the Usri Falls and you can witness huge flocks of visitors there. Being located at a distance of about 13kms, Usri Falls can be easily reached from the town via local transport service and that too at an affordable cost.

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