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Geyzing is a town located in Sikkim and also serves as district headquarters. This region experiences temperate kind of climate. The best time to visit Geyzing is during the summer months.


October to February- The weather is extremely cold and dry. Heavy snowfall is reported and temperature falls below zero degree Celsius and is between -10°C to -30°C. Not many tourists prefer this season to visit Geyzing. Heavy winter clothing is a must during this time


April to June- The weather is extremely pleasant and best suited to indulge in outdoor activities. The average temperature swings between the ranges of 18°C to 25°C. It is the best time to visit this region.


July to September- This area is dominated by south west monsoon and hence receives mild to moderate rainfall. The temperature remains between the ranges of 10°C to 15°C. It is during this time that the beauty of Geyzing is at its acme as the entire region looks vibrant after being washed by rains.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
January is a very cold period in Geyzing. The city gets more snowfall than other high altitude areas in the vicinity. Although it is one of the most scenic places of the region, this is not a favorable time to indulge in most of the outdoor activities. The extremely cold temperature during this time of the year is not very inviting.
February Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
February arrives with chilly climate and heavy snowstorms. The roads get covered with thick sheets of snow and constant efforts are made to keep them clear. These storms are the prime reason why people do not prefer to travel to Geyzing during this month. Torrential winter storms can be quite inconvenient for people who are unfamiliar with the conditions of colder destinations.
March Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold
March records bitterly cold temperature, ranging from extremely cold to freezing. As the winters are very cold in this area, thus they highly influence the lifestyle of local inhabitants. The temperature may go down to 03°C and is usually accompanied by heavy snowfall. Thus cold winters of Geyzing are not recommended for holidaying and it is better to wait till the month’s end.
April Very Cold
Very Cold
April brings along pleasant weather with clear skies and hours of sunshine. People wanting to visit this wonderful city can make their dreams come true. There are plenty of attractions to explore and the splendor of snow-clad mountains is what draws huge crowds to visit this gorgeous holiday destination, allowing them to make the most of this pleasing time of the year.
May Very Cold
Very Cold
Pleasant days and chilling nights are a plus point of May. The scenic views and comfortable ambiance makes it a good time to visit this place, as it will truly gratify you with its wide array of natural attractions. Best thing is that you can still see snow on the ground, making it a great place to visit during summer time.
June Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
June is dominated by pleasing weather and natural beauty. The days are warm with a blend comfy nights. For those who want to escape sweltering places, Geyzing is the best place to visit. This month is undoubtedly the best for holiday tours as you can begin your day with a clear blue sky and end it with a mesmerizing starry night.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Southwest monsoon arrives with the beginning of July. Some of the days are clear but most of the time it rains irregularly. Although monsoons add a pleasing charm to nature’s beauty making it a visual delight for nature lovers but covering long distances in this month can be problematic. While making travel plans, be prepared for clouds, rainstorms that can affect your journey.
August Rainy
August being a rainy month, frequent showers can be expected all day. The monsoon showers lend a charming touch to the surroundings, however heavy rains can lead to blocked roads and interrupt transportation services. Rainstorms in this part of country can be intense with torrential rains. It is advised not to plan trips to Geyzing during this time of the year.
September Rainy
Monsoon season continues in the month of September and brings along heavy downpours and thunderstorms. They may occur at anytime of the day, at noon or in the morning and even continue for the entire day. Skies are often cloudy and chances of sunshine are minimal. Humid temperature of this month is not preferable for sightseeing or any other outdoor activity.
October Very Cold
Very Cold
After welcoming monsoon showers over the past couple of months, Geyzing is again set for the winter period. The weather is dominated by cold winds and even rains lash the region for a few days in the month, reducing the tourist activity. It can definitely be more economical to travel to Geyzing during this time, due to discounted packages and special offers.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
Very cold weather lingers through the month of November, bringing along plunging temperatures and freezing climate. Scarce sunshine hardly adds any warmth to the days, which are extremely cold. Chilled winds continually blow in the region making it very difficult to go outdoors. If you are planning a holiday tour to Geyzing during this time, then be prepared to face cold weather.
December Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
December is fairly chilly, as the sun barely shines during this month. This, along with the snowfall, can make the days freezing. Cold weather is very common around this month, attributable to high elevation of Geyzing. Although the local inhabitants are used to facing such extreme weather conditions, it can become quite difficult for travelers, thus making this period less favorable for tourism.

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