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Humidity 77% Wind 15 kph (Direction: NE)

A famous tourist destination of Gujarat, Gandhinagar city witnesses monsoon kind of climate with all the three major seasons. Heavy rainfall is reported during the monsoon. Besides, the climate mostly remains dry.


October to January - The days during winter season as cool and pleasant. The average temperature is around 36°C. The nights are a bit chilly and the temperature drops down to around 12°C. Woolen clothing is a must to ensure a pleasant stay here.


February to May- The month of May is the hottest in summer season. The temperature swings between a maximum of 42°C and a minimum of 23°C. The days are hot while the evenings and nights are a bit cool.


July to September- The monsoon season experienced in Gandhinagar is of South west type and heavy rainfall is reported during all the four months. The weather is humid, though the heat continues to decrease with each passing day.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Gandhinagar has pleasant days with cold nights all through January. When the winter season becomes unbearable in other regions, you can plan a trip to Gandhinagar and enjoy the best winter holidays. Sunny days are the most glorious in this month and you can cover all the spectacular attractions that you always wished to, during your day trip to this photogenic region of India.
February Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
February is hot and sunny and you can expect warm climate during daytime with temperature being less than or above mid-twenties. All days of this month are best to explore the beaches, when you can move out of your hotel and visit prime tourist destinations of your choice. You can also visit the beautiful Akshardham Temple which looks amazing at nighttime.
March Hot
March begins with endurable heat but by the end of this month it becomes terribly hot, making it difficult to travel in the capital city of Gujarat. The days are warm with temperature consistently being around 30’s, though nights are pleasant. The earlier days of this month are suitable for outdoor travels, so you can book your travel packages at the earliest.
April Hot
April is a very hot month of the year and with almost no chances of rain, the heat of the sun can get unbearable at times. A lot of popular sights are situated outdoors and visiting these might not be a good option in such hot weather. However, you can make the most of this time by staying indoors and relaxing in pleasing ambiance.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
May is the hottest month of the year, as the temperature shots up to 40°C or even more. The region gets too hot and humid during this month and staying indoors is preferred by tourists to avoid the risks of tanning and heat strokes. However, the evenings and nighttime is ideal to enjoy outdoors and explore the beauty of coastal areas.
June Rainy
June is the time of summer monsoon, when southwest monsoon moves towards the city. Heavy monsoon dominates the climate and it becomes very humid. The whole area is rainy and is not much preferred for outdoor trips as constant rains might ruin your vacation plans. However, the entire region wears a fresh and charming look after being washed by rains.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Climate of July is characterized by temperature fluctuations from warm to hot. The area receives heavy rains during this time, which can start at any time of the day and continue for many hours, thus interrupting your outdoor tour. If you are a nature lover then you would love to explore the scenic beauty of this region during this time.
August Rainy
Tropical weather of August consists of humid and hot summer days. Although the region turns out to be scenic with beautiful evergreen forests washed by rains, but this type of climate is not preferred for planning outdoor trips. You can wait till October, as that would be a quite nice and pleasant time to roam around and view the prime attractions of the city.
September Rainy
Rains continue to lash the city in the month of September. Although the cool breeze offers some respite from heat, but the humidity in air may again spoil your outdoor plans. The showers are not continual but they come like uninvited guests. If you are visiting city at this time, then there is no other option than negotiating with the monsoons.
October Pleasant
October arrives with the best weather, offering glee of natural beauty. The city becomes a center of attraction for honeymooners, families and nature lovers. This is a good time when you can visit various tourist spots located here. During this period, plenty of adventure sports are also available, which will no doubt make your holiday trip very special and enjoyable.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Winter season starts in the month of November. This month is not too cold and considered as a superb time to visit Gandhinagar. The city becomes a center of attraction for vacationers from all over the world. The most visited places at this time of the year are beautiful beaches, ancient shrines and historic monuments. You can also relish local cuisine and enjoy adventure sports.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December is the coldest month, but it is a good time when you can explore this region. Gandhinagar is the best destination which you can surely consider visiting during winters. You can find plenty of places here which are ideal for winter breaks. You can expect to see huge crowd in the city and get amazing travel offers that will suit any budget.

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