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Ganapatipule is a small historical village located in Maharashtra state and experiences typical coastal kind of climate with warm and humid weather. Moderate amount of rainfall is received at regular intervals. The months from October to February are the


November to February- The winter season begins in November, making the days quite pleasant and cool. The mercury drops substantially during the nighttime. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor sports and visit the beaches of this region.


March to May- The days are hot and humid. The average temperature during the day is around 38°C. May is the hottest month of the summer season. Evenings are perfect for enjoying walks and sightseeing.


June to October- The month of June marks the onset of monsoon season. Regular moderate to heavy showers are witnessed here. Monsoon is a good time to visit this region but one should come equipped with all the necessary rain gear.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Unlike other destinations, Ganapatipule has moderate climate in the month of January. During your trip to this region, you can visit soothing beaches to take sunbath or plan a tour to a nature park. The gorgeous region is full of mesmerizing lakes, rivers and waterfalls offering a wide array of water sports to tourists, who come here from near and far.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February welcomes tourists with cool and pleasant weather. There are very few places like this which are perfect for enjoying memorable trips with your loved ones. You can get various types of travel packages at this time. So there is a good chance of accessing its dazzling attractions and indulging in winter sports to add more fun to your trip.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The beginning of March is invigorating but the heat begins to rise by the end of the month. Holi is celebrated with great grandeur during this month, so you can join the crazy crowd and enjoy this festival with the colors of happiness. Visiting this place in early weeks of March is more preferred by tourists, than the later part.
April Hot
In April, Ganapatipule becomes really hot. The temperatures can reach somewhere around 38°C which is the only beginning of summers. If you are not adaptable to hot areas, then it can be quite unbearable for you. If you are planning a trip during this period, then you can spend your days in your luxurious resort, move out in the evening to enjoy the backwaters.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Being a coastal area, Ganapatipule experiences sultry climate in the month of May. Going out in such warm weather can be difficult, so if you are coming here in this month then ensure to book a resort in advance. Rather than indulging in outdoor activities, you can visit renowned museums, art galleries and temples. Do not forget to pack light cotton clothing.
June Rainy
June is a grueling time, as the temperature really starts to rise. You can escape the crowds if you visit here in rainy months, but be prepared for the high temperatures and humidity levels. Regular rainfalls can make the climate pleasant, but avoid any outdoor activity during daytime. If you are travelling in the noon, wear sunscreen and carry water to avoid dehydration and heat strokes.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoon season continues to lash the region during this month and impacts the tourism flow. Not just roads but rail traffic as well gets affected due to heavy monsoon. That is the reason why most of the travelers do not prefer travelling to Ganapatipule at this point of time, as rain can at times disrupt the normal life in the city.
August Rainy
August brings widespread showers, plummeting the temperature of this region by a few degrees, but it remains above normal. Being a remote place, it is entirely drenched by heavy rainfall, lending a pleasant and refreshing touch to the ambiance. As constant rain can affect the routine life considerably, thus it is not considered a very favorable time to visit Ganapatipule.
September Rainy
After months of scorching heat, temperature slightly dips in September due to the waves of cold air and heavy clouding. Though the region enjoys pleasant climate, but the temperature takes time to drop down a few degrees below the normal. Due to regular rains, humidity oscillates from low to high, but by the end of this month, inflow of tourists starts to increase again.
October Pleasant
The entire region gets revive after monsoons, as the climate becomes soothing and pleasant. It is the best time when you can visit this holiday destination. The weather is overwhelming and the region gets covered with new plantations, offering panoramic vistas. Rowing is a great activity to spend cherished moments with family and friends and behold the beauty of Mother Nature.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
November is a winter month when the region sees blue skies and primo beach climate. This is a peak tourist season, so you can expect plenty of travel deals. Choose the best packages and do not forget to pack light cotton clothes, along with winter clothing, as the days are moderate but nights can be quite cold in this period.
December Cold
In December, this beautiful region enjoys mild temperature at a minimum of 11 degrees. This is the perfect time when you can indulge in various activities here. The invigorating climate will add to your enjoyment, as this is just ideal time to indulge in water sports, like motor boat rides and jet skiing. So, get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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