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Durshet is situated in the heart of Sahyadri in Maharashtra state and has a thick forest cover. The weather is pleasant and the ambience is soothing. Durshet experiences hot and moderately cool climate. The best months to visit Durshet are during Septembe


November to February- The days are extremely pleasant and moderately cool with the temperature remaining around 14°C. These months are perfect for outdoor explorations, rock climbing and rappelling.


March to May- The days are hot and dry and the average temperature remains around 40°C. Along with indulging in the famous activity of river crossing, several other water activities and sports can be enjoyed to beat the heat.


June to August- In monsoon season, the heat levels come down and the weather becomes cool, but is humid. Rainfall can vary from moderate to heavy showers. The month of September and October are perfect for rock climbing and enjoying short trips to Durshet.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Cold
January is the coolest month of the year in Durshet, as the days are bearably cold and pleasant and the nights are rarely chilly. There are no risks of sudden showers or frosty bites spoiling the fun of your trip, but do wear warm attires, so you can enjoy sightseeing for as long as you like. It is the busiest season, so book your accommodation in advance.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February is a little warm and dry, but the cool windstorms are still expected to blow, so warm clothing is required. This time is perfect to indulge in rock climbing, trekking, rappelling and river crossing. With the end of this busy season, tourist’s arrival gets reduced; you need to come early if you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
March is another hot month, which begins with summer heat and sunshine. First few weeks of this month are good for travelers and everybody wants to visit this place before the arrival of summer season. You can enjoy pleasant weather and get accommodations at low prices. On this holiday tour, it is preferred to visit some shrines and nature parks.
April Hot
April arrives with tropical climate. If you prefer sunny holidays, then you may consider travelling to Durshet. However, it is the warmest month of year and the weather can get quite hot, so a tour to this place can be postponed till monsoon comes. Most of the hotels have very low occupancy till the end of May, so you can get discounted prices on accommodation.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
May begins with sultry temperatures and the signs of imminent monsoons start appearing by the end of this month. Tours to Durshet can be planned during this time to enjoy outdoor activities, such as river crossing and water sports. However, rising heat and dust storms can make it difficult to bear such weather, as there are very low chances of rain.
June Rainy
June marks the onset of monsoons in Durshet. Travelling in this region becomes really complex as the rain frequently disrupts the transport channels. Due to heavy showers the nature looks glorious, but still the climate can be quite hot and humid, making it difficult to enjoy day trips. That is why it is not considered a very favorable time to visit Durshet.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July experiences constant torrential rains during monsoons, adding a charming touch to the environs. Due to heavy rainfall, some of the areas can get flooded or muddy. This month experiences medium to heavy rainfall that lasts for a number of days. Even if the days are clear, the nights might be full of rains. Moreover, humidity makes it difficult to enjoy your trip.
August Rainy
August month is dominated by strong winds and constant showers. Due to this, Durshet experiences high temperatures and soaring moisture in this month. Until the month’s end, the rainy days continue and the hustle and bustle of tourists is very rare. If you are travelling in second half of August, then you should avoid sea activities for both safety and fun.
September Rainy
Summer leisurely drifts in September. This is a suitable time for planning holiday trips to Durshet after the harsh rainy season. Durshet reopens its gateways, so you can enjoy trekking over its mountain passes and river crossing on chilled lakes. The stunning landscapes of the Sahyadri range turn out to be best spots for spending memorable moments during this period.
October Rainy
The month of October experiences less frequent rains, but strong winds keep blowing across the region. The weather remains pleasant but it is still advisable to carry woolen clothing as the temperatures may decrease as the month goes on. There are plenty of choices to choose from for people visiting Durshet in this month, from eye-catching beaches to wonderful natural attractions.
November Hot
November is a fantastic month that offers cool weather. This would be a favorable time to spend lovely holidays here, as the climate is ideal for sightseeing and enjoying several other activities that Durshet has to offer. The breezy climate is just perfect for planning outdoor trips, without fearing about dehydration or precipitation, and exploring the beauty of this region from proximity.
December Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
December is the month when climate is in its most pleasurable form in Durshet. The region is full of adventure sports at this time and you can experience every winter sport you desire for unlimited fun and thrill. If you are seeking both serenity and beauty, then beaches and lakes are the best places to visit and enjoy natural splendors.

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