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Humidity 14% Wind 4 kph (Direction: NNE)

A haven for wildlife lovers, Dubare is a beautiful place located in Karnataka. Warm temperature can be experienced in all parts of Dubare all across the year. September to May is the best months to visit Dubare, tourists can enjoy visiting the famous elep


December to February- The weather during the days is cool and pleasant. The average temperature is around 15°C and nights are chilly. It is the best time to witness the beauty of Dubare region.


March to June- The days are warm and not very hot. The temperature remains around 35°C and tourists can go for sightseeing. It is a unique experience to spot herd of elephants which can be seen here in the elephant training camp.


July to September- Heavy Rainfall can be experienced and hence taking along your rain gear is a must during your trip to Dubare. Fishing and river crossing must be done cautiously during the rainy season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Frigid temperatures and gusty winds make January a pleasant month for visiting Dubare. It is the time when you can spend a perfectly wonderful day amid the green forests of Dubare. Mother Nature has granted a cool climate to this place akin to hilly areas. It is a mind-blowing destination where you can enjoy a refreshing break from the sweltering heat of summers.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
During this month Dubare presents pleasing weather with temperature remaining between bearable ranges. The area is located in a majestic location, nestled in beautiful lush surroundings, which keep the climate comfortable for tourists. This time of the year is primarily blessed with moderate temperature; however it can drop down a few degrees at times, so do carry your warm clothes.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
March welcomes visitors to Dubare with warm days and cold nights. The environs turn out to be more comfy and pleasing for sightseeing. Although the temperature rises to a very high level, the fresh ambiance of this green expanse will rejuvenate your mind and soul. To fully enjoy camping nights, the season is perfect. Wear light cotton clothes for day trips.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Dubare experiences warm climatic conditions in April. There is something magical about visiting the banks of Kaveri River and enjoy fishing in this month. The wide jungles are best to escape from the uncomfortable temperatures. You can enjoy an amazing elephant ride for an hour. To add more flavors, take a stroll around the region and spot enormous species of wildlife.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
When you cannot wait for summers to end, then sunny getaways of Dubare are ideal for a perfect trip. There is spectacular wildlife and picturesque shores awaiting you. As the month of May starts, pack your bags and come here to experience the best of what Dubare has to offer in the form of immense woodlands, where herds of elephants will be there to surprise you.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Immense heat can be experienced in the month of June, but after entering this enthralling area you will not feel uncomfortable anymore. This is the time when you can unlock the natural treasures of Dubare by spotting different bird species. Be ready to get astonished with exquisite wildlife and spot tigers, Asiatic elephants, leopards, gaurs, bears, deer in the natural environs.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Low-flying clouds bring showers in this first month of monsoon season. The region is not considered ideal for a holiday during this time. As the summer season has not ended yet, there will be summer storms during this period. They are rapid in the daytime and humid at night. This period is not recommended to plan holiday trips to Dubare.
August Rainy
The southwest monsoon grips Dubare in the month of July. Traveling to Dubare during monsoon season can be challenging at times due to the risk of land sliding and flooding in some of the areas on the banks of the river. Due to the unpredictable weather and constant rainfall, it is not considered a very preferable time to visit Dubare.
September Rainy
Due to monsoon rains, August is also relatively wet and the rains are quite heavy. They usually last for many hours, leaving the areas damp and not right for travelling. The monsoon showers make it quite inconvenient to more around the region, as it is not easy to predict the weather. The mud-spattered forest region becomes totally inaccessible for outdoor activities.
October Moderate
Following the monsoon season, September brings some relief with pleasant climate. The weather of Dubare is at its best during this time, as it lends a charming touch to the entire region, taking its beauty to a whole new level. This is the time when we can call it heaven on earth for honeymooners, vacationers, wildlife lovers, adventure seekers and nature buffs.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The cool windstorms begin to envelope the region with the start of this month. The climate remains fresh and soothing for sightseeing. The moment you start feeling cold, the sun appears to warm you, making winter time the best to enjoy a relaxing sunbath. After warming up, adventure seekers can move on to enjoy amazing activities, like trekking, sightseeing, etc.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December is the month when monsoons say goodbye and clear skies begin to appear. Most of the vacationers visit Dubare at this time. Days are good for sightseeing and nights become cozy for camping. Do not fear the frosty bites, as winters are never too cold here. After the sun sets, the weather becomes more inviting and this is the best time to visit sun kissed sea shores.

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