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Dhauli region in Orissa experiences tropical kind of climate and has extremely hot summers, monsoons with moderate rainfall and chilly winters. Winter months are considered the best time to visit Dhauli region making October to March as the best period.


November to February- The average temperature during the day is around 22°C. The nights are chilly and temperature falls down to 4°C. Woollen clothing is essential for a comfortable stay here and it is the perfect time to visit Dhauli.


March to June- The days during summer season is very hot and the temperature during the daytime remains around 45°C. This time is ideal for spending indoors. At night the temperature falls down to 19°C providing some relief from scorching heat.


July to October- With the onset of monsoon, the heat is reduced tremendously. Moderate showers are observed during this season, making the weather quite pleasant. Monsoon season is also good to visit Dhauli region.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
January brings along cold climate. Although, this month is the prime tourist season in Dhauli, but the temperature during nighttime can be very near to freezing and days sometimes too cold. Still, the weather in January is considered delightful for long excursions and wonderful to spend time outdoors. For vacationers, sunbathing is the best way to get relief from the cold weathers
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Winters are the best to visit Dhauli, especially February when the temperature is comfortable during days and quite cool at nights. You can expect to spend some good time, if you are visiting Dhauli during this time. You can move around during the day time, when climate becomes soothing with the warmth of the sun. But as the sun sets, the temperature decreases and nights become really cool.
March Pleasant
March is more apt to visit Dhauli if you want to avoid chilly climate of the early months. Most of the tourists like to plan a trip in March as the temperature begins to rise by the end of this month. The rising heat of the sun can make your experience a bit inconvenient, by making it difficult to enjoy sun bathing or sightseeing.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month of the summer season is dominated by really warm days and this time is not considered favorable for outdoor activities. Rising temperature makes it one of the least preferred times to plan a trip to Dhauli. It gets sizzling hot during this time and quite uncomfortable for the visitors. Usually highest temperature of the season is recorded in this month.
May Hot
May is full of dry heat and this is the only reason that does not allow tourists to plan trips to Dhauli during this warm period. When temperature reaches 37°C in this area, it actually feels unbearable and hence the summer cannot be considered a good time to visit. However, during off-season, you might find an accommodation at lower prices.
June Moderately Hot with Rainfall
Moderately Hot with Rainfall
June is another hot month during summer season. Especially the popular places where most of the tourists enjoy sightseeing can become difficult to visit even under the shady areas. It is better to visit this place during the next month, when you can easily move around the city to spend time in lush gardens and explore as many attractions as you like.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoons usually arrive during this month and Dhauli receives a large amount of rainfall as it is the rainiest month of the year. The predictable rains do not affect the tourist count at all, so vacationers can enjoy all that Dhauli has to offer without worrying about the weather. It can also become your highly desired destination with the onset of monsoons.
August Rainy
August welcomes tourists to enjoy an escape from the scorching heat of summers. The shores of Daya River become bustling with rising waves and the lush surroundings make this time pleasant for a holiday trip. If you love to explore the beauty of this region during monsoon, then this is the right time for you to admire its natural beauty.
September Rainy
The level of rainfall reduces as the month of September arrives. Light monsoon showers make this just the ideal place for unforgettable trips, as the rainfalls lend a charming touch to the surroundings. You can visit the Dhauligiri Hills covered in mesmerizing greenery, while the gurgling rivulets and the majestically located pilgrim sites offer enough to get pleasure from.
October Pleasant
October witnesses some drop in rains and this leads to immense increase in tourism. This cool and pleasing weather attracts vacationers from near and far, as all wonderful attractions come alive and surprise tourists with awesome sights. If you would like to experience the aromatic ambiance of forests, then go for an outing to the Nandan Kanan National Park located in Dhauli.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The gentle climate of November makes it a perfect time to plan a trip to Dhauli. The weather is exceptionally pleasant and that is why visitors flock Dhauli all through the winter season. It is a great time when you can plan outdoor activities and enjoy sightseeing. You can also take guided tours. Make sure to book your accommodation in advance to avoid last minute rush.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
December is pretty cold in Dhauli. After the cold storms, temperature plunges down to a few more degrees, without disrupting the tourism flow. It is a good time to plan a journey to Pipli, Arti Springs, Yogini Temple and Sisupalgarh either by car or on foot, to explore the untouched beauty. During winters, this place offers delighting hours of daylight, along with the cool winds.

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