Danta Ambaji, Gujarat

Danta Ambaji

State: Gujarat
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Danta Ambaji


Being quite close to Ahmedabad, Dante Ambaji is one city which is on the list of every traveler coming to Gujarat. The horde of temples makes this place quite popular among the locals and tourists. Shaktipith is one such temple which is a prominent holy place of Hindus.


The city gets its name from the famous temple of Deity Amba located here, known as Amba Devi temple. People from all over the world come to see this temple, as this is the one and only temple which does not has any idol. This shrine is a fully marbled Yantra and it is actually the representation of the place or the spot of the deity.   


The celebration is at its acme during the Navratri here. People from near and far off places come here to be a part of extensive fair which takes place here during Navratri. If you are planning a visit to this place, then make sure that you visit during this time, so that you can experience the feel of festivity here. After temples, you can also plan a visit to Gabbar hill, which lies near the temple.

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